Monday, December 30, 2013

Spanish in a Nigerian Accent?!

Feliz Ano Nuevo!
How was Christmas?? Sounded like everyone had a good time. I had an awesome Christmas. We went to the temple like I told you and did traffic control. It was really cold and those hand warmers saved my life. It was so much fun though! I talked with a lot of people while I was carrying my lighted baton and directing stuff. I made sure all the Hispanics received a warm,"Feliz Navidad" when they came in, hahah. Two things surprised me while I was out there. 1- There are a ton on people that aren't from this country that go to the temple. 2- Way more people aren't LDS than I thought that visit the temple. Pretty awesome!
Well I'm sure you all are wondering where I am going because of transfers this week. It's going to be really hard to say goodbye to this branch. But good thing I don't have to worry about that for another 6 weeks because I'm staying! Hahah. The assistants joked that they are going to move my records from Arizona to Columbia. I'm pumped to be here still!
So I went on an exchange this week and we had some awesome miracles. We went to a Nigerian man's house to visit him because he had recently moved to a different area in the Ward. He is less active and his family is all in Nigeria. So we went over and because my second favorite race is Africans we hit it right off! Then he surprised me when he found out I spoke Spanish and started speaking broken Spanish in a Nigerian accent! Turns out he lived in Mexico for a year and was baptized there. Super awesome guy, the coolest part was that he came to church yesterday!
Same exchange, we go to a house where these Elders had set an appointment with the husband a week before. They've never met missionaries before. We go in and they were amazingly prepared. They both are going through struggles but really feel like something is missing. We set expectations and talked about the Spirit. When I shared John 14:26 the husband said that he was feeling the Spirit and that he knows that this is what their family needs right now. Huge miracle!

While I was gone on my exchange, Elder Hitchcock had a great lesson with the "C's". They really felt the Spirit and they all ended up coming to Church on Sunday. It was a huge tender mercy. It's amazing how the Spirit can touch people's lives and help them to change.
Well this week will be a wild one to see the least. Meetings, transfers, and 2 days of no proselyting (new years eve/day). I love these kind of weeks though. It shakes it up and keeps us on our toes, hahah. I hope you all have a great new year. I can't believe how fast time flies, Collin's leaving, Ava's baptized, and Connor is on his last transfer! 2014 seems like it could be a interesting one for all of us! I love you all!
Elder Greene
Side note: I went to the doctor, she's really cool. I told her I didn't do as good on my diet the past two week because of Holiday goodies and she understood. They took my A1C so we'll see what it is, I'll let ya know. She still wants me to consider going on that Dexcom continuous glucose thing. It sounds cool but I know you said it's lame so maybe I'll just worry about it later. I think the other diabetic in our mission has one so I'll ask him. Let me know your thoughts. Also, she said you should try and get an appointment for me for an endocrinologist in Arizona sometime in June/July. And last thing, the nurses said I can tape up the needles in boxes and trash them, so I guess I'll just do that?
Side note 2: Do I need to do anything with school yet? Like apartment stuff or registering for classes? Let me know.
Side note 3: I still didn't get the whole story with Jared's crash! (Jared was in a minor car accident in Provo (snow, someone else's car, awesome)

Christmas Eve setup

These things saved my life!

This picture is both to say thanks for the DVDs and to show how sweet this Indian sweater is. I call it "El Lamanita."

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