Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Surprise Packages

Greene Family (and friends),

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Sounds like it was good. Any turkey taquitos? I'll talk about my Thanksgiving in a bit. This week was an awesome and really busy one for me, but busy weeks are good weeks, especially in missionary work!

Let me just say my Thanksgiving was awesome. We did service in the morning raking leaves and then we ate with the "R" family for lunch/dinner and then we all got up and went to the "V"'s house for dinner round 2. (It was my day off from diabetes, hahah) We couldn't proselyte so we got to stay and hang out with the members which was a ton of fun, lots of laughs. The "R"'s and the "V"'s both have priest age boys that are competitive in sports and things like that. So when they played ping pong I couldn't resist playing. I started off by saying that I haven't played in about a year so I'm rusty. Then I went undefeated for a half hour, skunked my companion (11-0) and eventually got tired and gave up my paddle. The priests weren't too happy, hahah. 

This week we did exchanges with our new district leader and then immediately afterwards we switched and did exchanges with the assistants. Then once we switched back from that exchange it was Thanksgiving. The next day we had leadership training in Frederick and on Saturday we had to get all the planning things done that we didn't get done during the week. (Which was why when we heard a knock on the door in the early afternoon we were surprised. I got up all quick like, kinda like how Jared did in his younger years to chase people that wrung our doorbell, and I saw a package from the Greenes and Neilsens. We jogged down the stairs and said hi to Stanton and Amanda. Their kids are all grown up! Thanks a bunch if you're reading this! But anyways, great surprise, sorry for the long side story) And Sundays are just always busy. So it was a blur.

Last funny story, so it's late like 10:20pm and I'm reading my scriptures, just getting ready for bed. We get a call from Eldersburg Elders who I know are on exchanges and our district leader is there. So I thought, hmm, hopefully nothings wrong. I answer and its not my district leader, it's Elder Aubrey (not sure if I've mentioned that Elder Aubrey is in my zone, he's awesome)(Elder Aubrey is from a neighboring ward in our stake). He says,"Guess what Elder Greene! I finally hit 200 lbs!" I laughed my head off because Elder Aubrey has had that goal for a while now. Missions are great.

This week our branch had a baptism. The Hermanas have been working with a less active woman who's daughters are all not members. Her oldest daughter decided to be baptized. It was a great baptism and Elder Hitchcock and I were able to be the witnesses, as well as participate in her confirmation. It's never ceases to amaze me how the Gospel changes lives. And now her younger sister is preparing for baptism!

I love this time of year. Someone said it really well yesterday in our branch. During the Christmas season, if you're normally happy, you are more happy. If you're normally depressed, you are even more depressed. I really think that this time of year is an amazing opportunity to do the Work of Salvation. People are open and accepting. I know that this restored gospel can bless people's lives more than anything else, money, food, clothes, etc. And I'm so grateful to be a missionary and be able to dedicate by time to giving that gift! We have seen a lot of new investigators coming and we're excited to see what this week brings! I love you all and I hope you all have a great week!

Elder Greene

PS So I need more pods sent out, as soon as you can. I have a bunch of the old ones but only a few of the newer ones.

PPS I looked at your PMG assignment mom. It's not such an easy topic when teaching to members haha. But I like to focus on God's love is the reason we have a fall, a creation and an atonement, when teaching to investigators. The only other thing that I can think of is comparing the Apostacy and the need for a Restoration to a Fall and a need for an Atonement. But I won't lie, I didn't have a lot of time to think about it, hope it goes well!

Christmas stuff, not sure. I'm good on clothes. Calendar with pictures of you all would be great! .... Hmm yeah nothing else is coming to mind. I'll try and meditate a little more on it, but I might be worse than Jared or Macey on this one. Love ya!

Me gusta chumpe!

A Member gave us ties from Peru!

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