Monday, December 16, 2013

How Can We Help You Spiritually?

Well hello Greene Family!
Thanks for all the letters! So funny story, I was typing e-mails to send to Jared and Macey and right after the fire alarm went off at the library. I just kept going to see if they would just shut it off but then the intercom came on and they said "Get out, this is not a drill!" Hahah so we left and came to a different library after grabbing some lunch. Anyways, funny stuff.
Glad to see Jared won the Division two tournament! (BYU co-ed volleyball) That's way cool, do you get a shirt? It's funny, we saw President Richards on Sunday morning and he looked at me and said,"I saw that someone manages your facebook while you are out here." I replied "yeah it's my dad." President says,"That's cool, I was looking at your pictures and you seem to be a pretty good volleyball player! I really liked the St. George tournament." Hahahah I was laughing, my own mission President facebook stalked me. Hopefully there isn't anything on there that is compromising...
I got another funny part of the week before I get into the nitty gritty. So we were teaching a new investigator named "C". He's an interesting guy from Honduras. We started to do some "How to Begin Teaching" and my companion asked, "C", how can we help you spiritually?" He thought for a couple seconds and responded,"I need a new jacket, I'm a triple XL." He's a work in progress, hahah.
This week we were on exchanges (actually I was with Elder Aubrey) and we had some awesome miracles. The first happened with the "S"'s, a less active family. We got in and we wanted to talk about the meaning of Christmas and the Atonement. So we started and I realized it would be good to focus on the kids because everyone needs to be taught simply and these kids haven't been to church in a long time. They are 11 and 7, but haven't been to church since the older got baptized. Anyways I ask them, so what did the Savior do for us? Blank faces, so I explain that he died for our sins. Blank faces, so I ask, what is sin? Blank faces, alright what is a commandment? Nothin. Alright so we explain the basics and then explain that Christmas time we remember Jesus Christ and what he did for us. Then we taught them to pray. It was a really cool experience and Hermano "S" was super grateful afterwards. We now will be going over every week to teach his kids/him.
Same night we are going back towards the house but we had time to see one more person. I knew there were several people we could try but I decided to go see an investigator named "P" that we were getting close to dropping because he won't keep commitments. So we go over and I ask him if he read the pamphlet that we left him. Nope. Well I was a little crestfallen (that's a word right?) but I thought, alright last shot. We introduced the Book of Mormon. After explaining that it isn't another version of the new testament and that it's an ancient record of God's dealings in the Americas, he just changed instantly. He started asking tons of questions and even said, this makes a lot of sense. The Spirit was testifying really strongly to him and I believe this will be the start of him becoming converted!
Despite the weather it's been an awesome week. On Tuesday we walked about 10 miles in the snow, that was an adventure. Then on Saturday we got grounded again at night and me and Elder Hitchcock walked a couple miles on the median of a freeway to get to a member's home in the pouring icy rain. It was no joke one of the highlights of my week! As we walked back from the members home I felt so good. The rain was coming down hard and the temperature was about 30 but me and Elder Hitchcock just laughed as we walked for an hour to get home. I love being a missionary!!
Well I hope you all have a good time having Jared home! This week we have a mission Christmas party and a Branch Christmas party as well. Oh and the Sisters in our branch got their visas to go to Argentina so me and Elder Hitchcock will be getting a swarm of new investigators and a whole lot more busy (trust me we are already busy). Should be an interesting week!
I love you all!
-Elder Greene

PS So I have a bunch of the old pods and I'm not sure what to do with them? Trash them? Keep them? Send them home? Sell them to drug addicts? Let me know.

Missionaries and President Flores family (we went to temple lights with several investigators)

Our investigator "M" (kind of, she leaves in January to Argentina so we can't really do much) Her mom and her sister are members in Argentina so hopefully she gets baptized there!

Me and Hermano Hernandez, Elders Quorum President

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