Monday, December 9, 2013

Staying "Uphill"

Dear Greene Family,

Well I almost couldn't e-mail you today but it worked out! They shut down the library until 12 today. Yesterday it snowed a couple inches here in Columbia. Maryland is funny, if it snows, they shut down everything. Anyways it's been an interesting preparation day, hahah. So, crazy how everyone is getting old! I can't believe Macey can get her permit and that Ava is getting baptized soon (Grandpa told me that one). Also that's cool the house is coming along. I kinda hope it's done after I get back so I can help move and stuff, hahah.

So yeah the snow yesterday made things interesting. First they grounded all our cars, so we had to get a ride to church with members. Then once we got there we just had sacrament and then went home, no talks or anything. We ended up going straight from the church to President Flores house to cook/eat dinner. It was a good time. Then the rest of the day we walked in snow to get to appointments. But it was like 25 degrees, definitely higher than 12 (sorry Jared)! Elder Hitchcock and I had a lot of fun hahah. Also, we couldn't report at night because it wasn't possible to get to the church without a car so it was the first day in about 10 months that I got home before 10:15 on a Sunday! Good times. Thankfully they gave us back our cars this morning.

This past week we had a really awesome miracle. The assistants had contacted a Spanish guy earlier last week and gave us his information. We went by and set an appointment with his wife. When we went over we were able to have a really amazing lesson with them. They both want to learn more and are possibly going to come to the temple lights this Sunday! We've been praying to find families to teach so this was cool answer to our prayers!

We also had a really effective Branch activity this week. It was a Christmas piano recital with all the youth. There were 4-5 non members there as well as some less actives! We all ate after and I got talking to a man named "I". He was invited by a woman in our branch who watches his daughter during the day sometimes. He taught Spanish in the Military and he flipped out when I told him I learned Spanish in the streets of Baltimore. We had a good chat and he might be coming to the temple too! Simple invitations to activities are great ways to do missionary work!

I went on an exchange this past Saturday and we were teaching a really cool family in an English ward. I was getting to know them and they asked me how long I've been out. (Not my favorite question) I told them a year and a half, and she said,"Oh you're on the downhill slope now!" I've been told that several times now and I've been thinking about that phrase the past couple weeks. Really, I don't want, nor do I plan to have my last 6 months be downhill. I honestly want these last months to be the most uphill part of my whole mission! I'm grateful for all the things I've learned on my mission and I'm excited to learn more! So next time you have an old missionary in the Ward tell him to work his tail off until the end, and there's no such thing as downhill hahah.

Well these next couple weeks will be busy but I really do love this time of year. I think one of my goals this month will be to make sure I take time to take it all in that it's Christmas time and what that means. Being a missionary makes life move so fast sometimes that we forget to slow down and remember what it's all about!

I love you all!

Elder Greene

PS.To answer a couple questions, yeah I got my pods, which was a tender mercy because I got them the day before my last pod expired, hahah. Also, you can add everyone on Facebook as a friend and if there are weirdos I'll delete them when I get back. Members take pictures sometimes and want to tag us in their pictures. 

PPS We'll be skyping/facetiming again this year (60 minutes). I'll call you sometime the week before Christmas to set it up as far as what time, etc. Love ya!

PPPS Mom is there anything I can get for the kids that would be cool for Christmas that only I could get out here? Let me know and I can make a package for the fam.

Master Rakers

Outside our apartment this morning

Ready to Walk to our Appointment in the Snow!

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