Monday, April 1, 2013

Key to Happiness

Feliz Dia de la resurrecion! So just before everything, the mission department changed the rule! We can e-mail friends now! So if you would be so kind, please put my e-mail address on my Facebook so people can send me e-mails, no hassle! But anyways, thanks so much for the letters! I got the package and that amount of candy is perfect, not too much. I actually started waking up at 6 to work out and eating healthier, because we don't get fed in the singles ward. I lost three pounds last week and averaged a blood sugar of 119! So I may have found the key to happiness, hahah. I'm a little jealous you all are going to Hawaii but it's all good, it's warming up here and you all don't get to talk to crazy funny black people all day. Oh and Felix went to Utah to escape Baltimore, go to school and to work.
So this week we had some awesome miracles. Me and Elder Fast decided it was warm enough to ditch the car for Saturday and to just try and find people. We went out with a lot of faith and we both wrote things at the top of our planners for that day that had to do with expecting miracles. So we set off. To give you an idea of how blessed we were, we found: A Nepalese guy that applied to BYU, a girl whose brother just got baptized a month ago in our Church, a man whose girlfriend is a member, and a guy whose best friend back home is Mormon. And that was like half of them! We are super excited to start teaching them all this week. By the end of the day though we had 4 or 5 people committed to come to church!
Come yesterday, no one came to church. Kind of a bummer. But D., our recent convert, strolls in second hour with his good friend, E. E. seemed kinda reserved at first but by the end of church and a half hour nap in sacrament meeting, he loved church! He said he wants to prepare for baptism and so we set a date with him for April 28th. Miracles! Me and Elder Fast were so pumped! D. has come such a long way since I first met him in February, longer than I initially thought. Right now he is trying to decide if he wants to serve a mission.  The Atonement is amazing.
I guess just to update you: G. is doing good, we're working on him getting a new job so he can come to church. We have another investigator named G. who is reading the Book of Mormon, he is from Nigeria. Last we have N., she has been investigating for a long time. We went to see her this week and we had to go into Towson University campus. It was so weird. I gave a guy a card after we left and then we got a text from N. saying that her Ex-Boyfriend just told her that he got a card from a guy named "Elder Greene". Hahah, I only gave one card on campus that day, crazy.
Well I hope you all have fun in Hawaii. May your tans be darkened and your bellies be filled with sweet Matsumotos shaved ice. Hahah, love you all!
-Elder Greene

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