Monday, April 15, 2013

Are You For Reals?

Greene Family,

I am so pumped that we won the Brophy tournament. Volleyball is just great. This week I was reminiscing the last Corona match from my senior year, don't worry it wasn't in a distracted way, just happy memories. Thanks for your thoughts on Elder Holland's talk mom, I really liked that talk as well. If you could send me the Ensign with all the talks whenever it becomes available that would be awesome. By the way I haven't been able to get in touch with the mission doctor to send the prescription yet, his office and him aren't calling me back. Kinda frustrating. I'll keep trying. Oh and you should totally send me pics of the floorplans!

So some sweet miracles this week! The P.'s and also R.'s older brother G. are getting baptized next Sunday! I should be able to go so I'll take some pics.

The start of this week was pretty hot. Like it got up into the 90's. Which in Baltimore in the Spring with the humidity is unusual and really hot. Anyways our air conditioning decided to die out on the two days where it was like this and we were left to cook in our apartment, hahah. It was uncomfortable but it makes for some funny memories! We eventually got the AC fixed but our President decided he wants us to move out and find a new apartment more in the city! So me and Elder Fast are going apartment searching this week, hahah. We are going to try and find one with a gym...

Another funny little story: We were teaching a recent convert at the park by her house and as I was baring my testimony of the Book of Mormon a bird pooped on my right knee. I just looked down and said,"Are you for reals?" So I moved spots and we kept talking after my companion was done laughing at me. But then not 5 minutes later another bird poops on my other knee. I kinda just had to laugh. Needless to say I just dropped my suit off at the dry cleaners...

On a more spiritual note, I had the wonderful opportunity to go on exchanges with the Towson Spanish Elders this week. We had a great day with a lot of tender mercies, but my favorite part of the exchange was visiting Hermana S. I knew Hermana S. from my first area because she is in the branch that I served in, but I didn't really know her that well. So we went to visit and we got talking. She mentioned she had type 2 diabetes (very common among Spanish people) and so I told her how I had type 1. We connected really well as we talked about some of her challenges with it and I shared 2 Timothy 1:7 with her as well. She was touched and I think it really helped her out with some of the things going on in her life.

So this week we had a lot of hard things happen at the beginning. We had several of our investigators drop us and G. told us he wants to "take a break" for a week. We were disappointed but we knew that if we kept working hard we would see miracles. The miracles came on Saturday. In the morning we taught a Hindu guy our age. He has been to the Salt Lake temple and applied to BYU! We taught him very simply about the Godhead and he even prayed at the end! Another miracle came a couple hours later when we taught a guy named J. We met J. when we went to 7/11 to use the bathroom, hahah. The crazy part is that we didn't have his address at first and it wasn't until a week later that we felt like we needed to go back to 7/11 and get his address. We got his address and taught him this past Saturday. He left his church because he didn't agree with the pastor making a ton of money. We had an awesome Spirit filled Restoration lesson and he wants to come to Church next week. Miracle! 

Well I can't believe it's April, I hope you all are doing well and enjoying the warmer weather! I appreciate all of your letters, tell Grandpa I really liked his letter he sent me.

Love you guys!

-Elder Greene

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