Monday, March 25, 2013

Christ Saves Lives Spiritually and Temporally

My Dearest Family,
Como estan? Seems like our family can't escape disease week by week but as long as everyone recovers week by week it's good right? I have stayed healthy, despite the cold! It snowed like 5 inches this morning out of nowhere. They grounded our cars for half the day... But thankfully the snow melted on the streets. We played soccer this morning with the Spanish Elders and Felix. Felix leaves tomorrow for Utah, I'm going to miss him. But thankfully I can see him again. It's funny you should ask if I am losing my Spanish. This morning I felt like I couldn't talk very well. Its kinda depressing, but I think it will come back quick when I return. Tomorrow I am going on an exchange in my old area so that will be my test! To answer your question our apartment is actually a single companionship (my first). It's slightly less fun, but it helps you to get work done. It's kinda in some hood, our neighbors play loud music during studies and sleeping time. But it's all good! I'm learning all sorts of cool hood phrases that I'm going to try and incorporate into my Restoration lessons. (joking)
This week we had some amazing miracles (like always) but I would say even more than regular. I'll start with some funny experiences. I was on an exchange with an Elder in our Zone and we were in my area. We parked the car and an old kinda crazy black guy came over to the car window and pointed to his pants. It was kinda awkward but curiosity overcame me and I rolled down the window. He asked us if we had any underwear. I responded no, sorry, but we do have cool cards about Jesus. He took one but seemed confused as to what to do with it, hahah. Gotta love B-More. That same night we stopped to get gas and we saw a woman peeing by her car. These were both in downtown Baltimore so it's a lot like another country haha.
On a more spiritual note... We found some amazingly well prepared people this week. One is T., he is from Camaroon and basically just loved the whole Restoration lesson! We're super excited to work with him this week. Another is a younger guy named K. He is the cousin of a recent convert. We got fried chicken with him, his cousin and another non member named R. You could say we're pretty much just a part of the gang. Except we're white. and we wear ties. But other than that we fit right in.
On Sunday we had another really special miracle. It was getting towards the end of the night and we weren't sure where to go. We really had no idea. So we just started driving towards where we needed to be to report at night. As we drove I was thinking about who we could visit and then one of our investigator's names popped in my mind. Elder Fast promptly called him and he said we could come visit. When we got there things were lighthearted but after we prayed the Spirit was in the room. Our investigator, G., opened his heart and told us the struggles he was going through. Although usually quite reserved, G. expressed that a couple days prior he had contemplated suicide. (By contemplated I mean had all the pills and the blender out to make a little drink to poison himself.) We testified to him how his life has a purpose as well as after this life. We told him how he could find greater peace and joy in this life through the Gospel. He felt the Spirit and seemed to have more hope. I pray that he continues to progress.
Jesus Christ saves lives, both temporally and spiritually. I am privileged to be his servant and representative here in Baltimore and I'm so grateful that Heavenly Father can use me to help other people. During this Easter time, I am especially grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ, that makes all of this possible. Have a great week and stay safe! I love you all.
-Elder Greene

Me and Elder Mardock

Me and the P's (baptism April 20th)

Me and Felix (Gave me this jersey, other side says Corona)

El Templo (Washington DC Temple) 

Me and Kinsley Osunwa

Me and R. and J. (his dad)

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