Monday, April 22, 2013

Miracle Fast

Hi ho Greene Family!

Well another week come and gone. Another transfer come and gone actually. Time is ridiculous! This week was awesome though and we had so many tender mercies! So to answer some questions, yeah I got a hold of Dr. Fisher, finally. It was kinda crazy, like always, hahah. I loved Dad's letter. It was real cool to read all his favorite quotes because I don't really get to re read the talks until I have an Ensign. The articles about the volleyball team are so sweet! We're taking State this year. Also the house is awesome! and ginormous! So I have to ask, which bedroom belongs to which child? Hahah.

So before I start my letter of adventures and miracles I guess I'll just break the news on transfers. The Lord is sending me, once more, to be a Spanish missionary! I will now be a Zone Leader in Fredrick, Maryland with one of my favorite missionaries, Elder Knudsen (Kanoodsin)! I am quite a nomad (Matthew 8:20) of a missionary but I'm stoked to be speaking Spanish again. I will miss the YSA, I've learned a lot in this area. This is Elder Fast's last transfer coming up but he will be ok without me, hahah. 

So I'll start with a cool story. This week me and my companion were driving down the harbor to see some people and we looked to our left and there were tons of crazy metal structures. We were interested so we drove a little closer and we saw it was Ninja Warrior! All these people were watching these guys try to go through all the obstacles. This may not be exciting to some of you but I know at least Jared and Collin will appreciate it.

So the P's baptism ended up being on Saturday, which I wasn't able to go to just because of appointments we had, sadly. But I still got to go to G's baptism on Sunday! (I'll send the pics) It was so sweet, afterward he just expressed how grateful he was for the missionaries finding him and teaching him. I also saw R there and at first he just shook my hand like I was some Ward member but then he recognized that it was me and he said,"Brother Greene! What's up!" Hahah, such a great day.

So I wanted to share a couple miracles we had this week. The first was a referral from D. He was baptized two months ago and is one of my favorite people I've met on my mission. He shared a pamphlet with his cousin and he was super interested! So we went to his cousin, D. (D... for all you who don't speak hood), this past Friday. We didn't even have to say anything about baptism and he asked us if he could be baptized! He was so excited to go to church and meet with us some more. I'm pretty bummed I won't be able to work with him this transfer but I'm sure it will all work out!

Another came on Saturday. We were really pushing for a goal we had set this week and we knew we needed to teach another lesson that Saturday. As we looked at our plans I had a real strong impression to go to see G., a really cool recent convert from Nigeria. G. recently got a job at Walmart so he almost never home. But we went. I prayed in my heart the whole drive there that we could teach someone there and I felt strongly that it would happen. We knocked the door and one of G's brothers answered the door, who I haven't met. Him and his sister invited us right in! We talked to them even though G wasn't home and they were some of the nicest people. The brother, K, had just arrived from Nigeria this month. I found out he was Ibu, which another member I taught was from that tribe and so I said "que doo?" (not sure on spelling but it's how you say,"How are you?" in Ibu) K got real excited hahah. We hope to work with them better with G, they are both YSA age!

So my last miracle was a little different. This past Sunday was Fast Sunday and the Senior couple in the ward wanted to fast with us for N. and me and my companion wanted to fast for D. Obviously my version of fasting is eat the minimal amount possible without going low. I woke up on Sunday and my blood sugar was fine. I decided to just not eat breakfast and see how long I could go. I have no doubt in my mind that Heavenly Father protected me and blessed me yesterday because I was able to fast until 4:30. And my blood sugar was 146. It was a very amazing experience and I was just really grateful for how much Heavenly Father loves me.

Well this letter is a little longer but I love you all and I hope your week is great! A week from now I'll be in Spanish mode again so this may be the best worded letter you receive on my mission hahah.

-Elder Greene

G.'s Baptism

New PDM, Old PDM, ha ha!

Me & Elder Fast

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