Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Safe, But Bored!

Hey Greene Family!

Greetings from a very cold and rainy Winchester, Virginia! So yes it's true, we were grounded for a day and a half because of the hurricane/tropical storm thing. It really wasn't too bad where I was, which is good and boring at the same time hahah. We actually stayed at one of our mission leaders homes for the day and even slept there. He's not married and has no kids so it was fun, but pretty boring too. We played church videos, played on the ward mission leader's guitar (Bro. Goode) and built with Lincoln logs. Really took me back to my childhood hahah. But all in all, everything is fine.

So yeah I actually was going to write about Sister Presnell (Gretchen Robinson) but I guess she already talked to people. They are a nice family, although we've never eaten in their house so I'm not sure where that came from... We did eat at their ward activity with them, a trunk or treat type deal during the day. It was a lot of fun and it was good to meet more people in the ward. I met one couple from Mesa, the Hornbargers. They're pretty cool. It was weird to think it is Halloween (tomorrow). What's everyone being this year? hahah. By the way, I totally was Set in the Egyptian thing in 6th grade. 

Well this past week we had a lot of success in some areas and not as much in others. We made a goal to invite everyone we talked to to come to church. We really have been lacking in having people there and sometimes it frustrates me (not in a bad way, in the way that I want to work harder). So we invited everyone. Sunday came around and still no one showed up. It was kinda hard to be positive after that but we decided to not get down but to just keep working. It ended up paying off and we found 11 more people to teach last week. One of them is named Elsa. She is so cool. We couldn't enter her house cause her husband wasn't home, so she opened the garage and we taught her. She loved the Restoration. Afterwards, she asked us for a favor. We said sure, naturally. She asked us if we could help her quit smoking! We sure were excited after!

It was also announced recently that we can do baptisms for the dead (or watch them do baptisms) with recent converts. We have a cool family, the Arias family, that we will be hopefully going the 8th of November with us! I'm really excited for them and for their chance to do their family names. Also it will be cool to see the DC temple again.

Well I love you and I hope you are having a good warm time in Arizona! I'm wearing two pairs of socks today, hahah. 

Love you guys,

Elder Greene

PS I don't know if you already sent a package, I doubt it, but It would be cool if you could send me a November Ensign. I don't know if we'll get one here... If you can't it's all good.

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