Monday, November 5, 2012

Wussing Out


Thanks so much for all the letters! I am feeling pretty blessed this week and maybe it's just the November spirit of things but I am just so grateful for such an awesome family. A mission really wakes you up to how much you've had in your life. Jared your story about the dance made me laugh pretty good. My comp was looking at me funny. Mom I'm sorry about the flu, you'll be in my prayers (even more). To answer your question, yeah it snows here in Winchester from what I've heard. We kinda skipped Fall here it feels like. The cold is totally different from the cold of Utah. It seems to just go through your clothes, needless to say, I've been wussing out lately and wearing a coat. Dad don't worry I'm getting all your letters now, I told Google you were a good guy.

I just got done playing volleyball actually! It's always nice to play, although it reminds me how out of shape I'm getting, hahah. Elder Ocasio has a bad knee and can't run, but I got somewhat of a diet going so no worries. 

We had kinda a shortened week this week, because of the Hurricane... We had some trees fall over but nothin major in Winchester. We had a good week though! We went to Front Royal (the home town of my first companion (MTC). We found some really cool people! One is named Raquel Foster, she's from Chile and she's way funny. I was explaining an experience I had with the scriptures and bearing my testimony, really pouring my heart out, hahah. Then she interrupted me and asked where I learned Spanish, hahah. She's great though, she's reading in the Book of Mormon now.

We went on exchanges, which was ridiculous hahah. Our district leader is English speaking and he came with me to our area. So basically he sits there all day and I teach the lessons! It was fun though. We found a woman in wheel chair named Ginger and had a prayer holding hands (she insisted) in the street. It was a fun day though! We found 3 new investigators.

Well thanks so much for everything! You're all so amazing. How go the house designs by the way? Are we going to have a pool? Is my room in the basement?

Love ya!
-Elder Greene

Comp doesn't like the cold, ha ha!

Grounded, is this a good activity?!

Halloween outfit

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