Monday, October 22, 2012

"Zach" Knows Spanish

Oh hey,

Well sounds like you're trip was way awesome! I'm a little jealous but don't worry, things like that don't really bother me, haha. So I looked in my inbox to see Dad's letter that Mom was talking about and I didn't see it so I looked in Spam and there was a letter from Taggert and two from Dad! I was kinda frustrated but it's all good! I found them and that's what counts. We had a way sweet week again this week!

So we started doing service at this kinda "give to the needy" place. The English Elders that live with us go there once or twice a week in the morning and help put away clothes, so they invited us. When the head people over there found out me and Elder Ocasio speak Spanish, they looked at us like gifts sent from heaven. Many of the people coming in to find clothes and food are Hispanic, and they don't have anyway to communicate with them. (Well they tried translating with google translator, it's horrible) So they asked me to translate directions to the Spanish people and they we're so excited about it. They want us to come in everyday (we can't hahah). It really hit me hard afterwards how I know Spanish now. Before it was just, well "Elder Greene" knows Spanish. But translating in normal service clothes, kinda made me realize that "Zach" knows Spanish, it was kinda bizarre. We get lots of opportunities to speak Spanish and finding the Hispanos here is easy, you just ask any door you knock and they'll tell you everyone they know that's Spanish. But yeah Dad, we cover a huge area. We are stake missionaries, it would take an hour and a half to get to the end of our area by car. We translate two sacrament meetings every week. We often go to West Virginia even to teach an investigator, Reymundo. He's had some troubles in life (11 years in jail for murder) but he's trying to change and he's a good guy. The problem is just driving almost an hour to have a lesson with him...

Way cool experience last night, we had to turn in our key indicators to our district leader but he wanted them at 8:35. I thought that was ridiculous because proselyting time ends at 9. But we sent the indicators in and then I told my companion lets go find another investigator. So we knocked on another door and a woman named Florina answered the door, and she's a new investigator hahah. The Lord truly blesses us the most when we give the little extra bit we have left. The other way cool investigator this past week was Pedro. He was a Sergent in the Peruvian army and now he's here in Winchester. We gave him the Book of Mormon and asked him to read the introduction. We called him last night and he said he had read the introduction, and the testimonies of all the witnesses, including Joseph Smith! We're way stoked about it.

I got my A1C done and the doctor still hasn't called me back, that whole experience was a joke but I won't go into it. He did prescribe me heartburn medicine and it helps a ton. I also have been eating healthier and I feel a lot better these days. Trevor is right though, Hispanics love to give you Orange Fanta (and it's like the worst for you of all sodas)

Well I love you all! Have fun in school!

-Elder Greene

Luz and her Family 

Sandoval Family

Pizza in the car with Elder Ocasio

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