Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Winchester, VA!

My new companion wanted to make sure that you guys knew where I was so we hit the computer real quick! I am in Winchester Virginia! The opposite of Baltimore hahah. My address is 1900 Taylor Dr. Apt #3 Winchester, VA 22601. Although we are in car, I already love this place and I'm so pumped to work here! My companion is Elder Ocasio. He is Puerto Rican. He's a hard worker and just real chill. He also got on my good side real quick because he bought me buffalo wild wings and put it in the fridge. But yeah, I refuse to take more time (sorry) so I'll email you again on Monday with all sorts of good stuff. Oh and mom I am going to a different doctor on Monday, Dr. Fisher. I am going to ask him some questions cause diabetes has been throwing me for a loop lately, also having some heartburn pretty frequently. But don't worry I'm fine! Love you guys!
-Elder Greene

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