Monday, October 15, 2012

I Love Winchester!

Hey Greene Family!

Sounds like you're all having a blast in New York! That's so cool. But I'm really not that jealous, this week was one of the best in my mission so far. I love Winchester! Me and Elder Ocasio have been working real hard and the Lord blessed us a lot this week.

But first here's some answers to questions. I go to the doctor today mom, I sent another e-mail with pictures and something saying about the doctor but it failed, so yeah. I'll try to send it again but we'll see. We live with the Zone Leaders actually, they're English speaking. They're way sweet. Elder Ocasio has been out 20 months and he speaks both Spanish and English. Also he changes his Puerto Rican accent so that the people can understand him, Puerto Rican's Spanish is ridiculous. But he was born in New York and grew up in Puerto Rico. He likes English better I think, but I make him speak Spanish anytime we're not with English speakers. Hahah, yeah my Bishop talked to me about Jeff! I didn't know they come out here though! I've been to that Sonic actually, Elder Ocasio had never been, so we went. And about a visit from Jeff and Annie, I won't refuse treats from anyone... hahah.

I had some funny stuff go on this week. I found Honeycrisp apples here and I was so excited. I also pulled out a card to give to an English person this week and I looked at it and it had Shawni Pothier on it, haha, I was weirded out. Then I started driving to appointments and I realized I hadn't driven in 5 months! Then I went to Church (which is in English so that's weird too) and the first returned missionary I meet went to Nicaragua South. His name is Brad Hoke.  I don't know if Trevor remembers him...

So anyways, we had a way awesome week this week. We set the goal to find as much as possible this week to make up for the lack of investigators we had coming in. We ended up breaking the Winchester Spanish record with 9 new investigators! It was so cool and it really boosted my faith. We had one really cool experience this week. We went to find an inactive member and I was driving. I saw a dirt road and I had this real strong feeling that we needed to go down it. But we went to the inactive member first, he wasn't there. So I turned around and said we need to try this dirt road. On the way back we couldn't find it, it was pretty well hidden in some trees. So we almost said forget it. But I still had the feeling so I said one more try. We drove down and found it! We parked and knocked the first house (of the four that were on the street). He was Spanish and didn't want much with us but he did refer his neighbor. Went over and found a new investigator, David! He's way cool, and wants to read the book of Mormon and find out more about our beliefs. I am very grateful for the guidance of the Spirit and for the help we received this week. I went to bed last night just so pumped I couldn't sleep! I have some high hopes for Winchester!

Anyways, I gotta go, love you all! Have fun on vacation and take some pics! 

-Elder Greene

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