Monday, October 8, 2012

Don't Wait to Be Happy

Hi Ho Greene Family!

Yep I'm in Winchester Virginia, a nice 45 degrees today. I'm gonna die. Hahah, nah it's all good. Winchester is vastly different from Baltimore, in pretty much every aspect. The people, the Hispanics, the weather, the missionary work, the apartment, the companion, etc. But there are a lot of things I love in this area! We have Walmart real close, a volleyball net right outside the apartment, and though a car isn't my favorite, it sure helps with missionary work.

Saying goodbye was a little hard, especially because Baltimore had become my home. But I knew I was needed elsewhere so I said my goodbyes to some of my favorite families and investigators and packed my bags.

So I'll admit coming to a different area was a little overwhelming at first. Especiallly Winchester. The Branch has recently been dissolved here and so we basically bring Spanish people to English Wards (yes multiple hahah) and translate. I got here and we had two investigators, that in itself was a little daunting. Then on top of it all, our area covers a whole stake! So yeah by Saturday morning I was feeling a little overwhelmed and frustrated. But Heavenly Father knows what we need and let me tell you, General Conference was the best weekend ever. I feel recharged and ready to face the challenges of the next six months!

Right off the bat, Elder Uchtdorf's talk made me feel a million times better Saturday morning. That talk was so good and I really am trying to work on "not waiting to be happy". I really like how he said "External circumstances don't determine happiness." So right away the answer to my questions and prayers came in Conference. But it was added upon in a whole lot of other talks. I decided that an evidence that these men are prophets is the fact that we can make so many applications of their words to our own individual lives. I've only experienced that in the scriptures and it's a testament that the prophets in the scriptures are the same as the one's on the earth today.

President Monson's announcement of the age change for girls and guys was crazy! There were six of us Elders watching conference in the stake center by ourselves and we looked around at each other super excited. I realize this would give Jared the opportunity to leave after High School and I would say college helped a ton before going on a mission. But I would say make it a matter of prayer and ask Heavenly Father what He wants you to do.

I don't have many stories really for now. We did go eat at a funny man's house the other day. He's white by the way. He immediately invited us downstairs when we arrived and gave us a hot wheels car. Then we went into a room where he has almost every hot wheel car ever made since 1996 or something. It was nuts, I found 3-4 of the hot wheels me and Jared played with as a kid. But yeah he proceeded to feed us one of those Mountain House meals you eat while camping. Then his wife joined us in her bath robe. Overall I decided Winchester is pretty strange, but I really love it.

I can't believe Trevor is home! Hopefully Ava gets better... But yeah I'll let you know if I need a GPS mom. Let me know if any of the girls I know are really going on missions! That would be crazy. Oh and one of my Bishops, Bishop Aldous works at Exxon, I told him I have an uncle there and he said he'd look for Jeff haha. Yep that's about it, gotta go, love you all!

-Elder Greene

PS Larry Echo Hawk is the coolest name ever.

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