Monday, January 27, 2014

John Tanner Movie and Sacrifice

Well I feel like I wrote you all yesterday. Thanks for the letters (I'm talking to you Jared and Macey)! Exciting to have grandma and grandpa there at the house too. I was reading some church news the other day and all the talk about the temple made me jealous I don't get to be a part of it! But the great thing is is that I can go through it when it's fully operational.

Welp it's been an awesome week. I'm not sure if there's something in the cold air or the salt all over the roads but people keep progressing a ton right now! And it's getting the branch really pumped. In July the average church attendance  was 85-90. Last week we hit 114!
Elder Nielsen's conference was amazing. He is a very animated and inspired leader. He talked a lot about covenants and also about being part of the solution and not the problem. I wish I'd brought my notes to write more of what he said but maybe I'll just have to show you another day. But it was an amazing conference that I'm sure I will remember for the rest of my life!
So we are teaching an investigator that the Sisters were teaching before they left to Argentina. Her name is "B" and she is super awesome. We had a super solid Restoration lesson the first visit and this past lesson we prayed and she said,"I have been praying about what you told me and I feel like God wants me to join with you, what do I need to do?" It was really amazing and we have a church tour this week to show her what church will be like. Good stuff!
A part member family moved in about 4 months ago, the "R" family. The parents haven't attended church in about 10 years and the son, "S", has received little to no education on God. Well we had a lesson on Friday and we really focused on "S"'s needs. It turns out that he really doesn't know if there is a God, but he does have to desires to find out. After teaching about the Godhead we invited "S" to say the closing prayer. He did and boy did he say it. He asked for God to give him faith to believe and really sincerely asked if God was there. The Spirit was really strong. They all ended up coming to church on Sunday and once again, the branch swarmed em. Miracle!
The "N's" and the "Cs" continue to progress as well. All of them came to church for all three hours again, except for Hermana "C". However, Hermana "C" has now committed to talking to her boss about not working Sundays! We watched the John Tanner movie with her family and she just sat there stunned. We talked about sacrifices and invited her to not work Sundays. Super spiritual experience.
I just love missionary work and I love this branch. We ate with Marcos (our Branch mission leader) and his family yesterday and he asked about transfers and things like that. I told him that if they take me out that the branch will have to make me a plaque and say where I'm serving because I'm part of the Branch family, hahah. Marcos agreed and then said that I should just stay and we'll send Elder Hitchcock, hahahah.
I hope you all enjoy your week and give Elder Connor Ward my love. I remember hugging him in my dorm hall like it was yesterday! Time flies.
Elder Greene

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