Monday, February 3, 2014

Only McDonald's for Ice Cream

Hey Greene Family!
Thanks for the thoughts and letters, you all are the best! And before anything I'll wish a Happy Birthday to Taggert! So yeah you and I both had busy crazy weeks. But that's a good thing! Can't believe Connor is home. Time is a scary thing. What's his plan? Where's he going to school and what not? Maybe he should answer these questions. Hahah
Well I didn't know you all would hear about the Columbia Mall shooting, but yeah pretty crazy stuff. I know three members of our branch that work there but both were fine. We actually live super close to the mall (half mile max) and we were on our way to the library next to the mall to do a report that day. But then on the way Marcos texted us and said don't go near the mall, there was a shooting. God sure does protect his missionaries!
So we had a really cool experience on exchanges. I was with Elder Smith, (who is from Mesa and graduated Mountain View in 2012 hahah) and we went to see a less active who just popped up out of no where at church last week (I didn't even have a valid address for him before that). Well we got to know him and he started opening up. Turns out he was baptized when he was 8 because his whole mom's side is LDS. He fell away in adolescence and came to the states. Well recently his father was baptized and since then has been a super awesome member, and "D" (the less active) has seen a big difference. So he told us he wants to become active in church again! Super cool tender mercy and I'm excited to help him.
Last week we had an awesome lesson with the "C's" about sacrifice, we watched the John Tanner movie. Afterwards Hna "C" was really hit with the Spirit. We invited her to talk to her boss and ask for Sundays off. She said she would! Well this past Friday we went over and we asked her if she had talked to her boss. She smiled and said that she had and that she doesn't work Sundays now! It really will be a sacrifice because her boss is lame and won't give her a different day, but I know the blessings will far outweigh the sacrifice. They all came to church this past Sunday. Awesome family.
This past Saturday Elder Hitchcock wanted to go eat McDonalds. I gave in, because usually I say no (I'll pay the extra one or two dollars for something good). So we went. Well about an hour later Elder Hitchcock felt gross but we kept working. We got home at 9:25 and Elder Hitchcock basically went straight to the bathroom. He threw up all night. He toughed it out the next day though and didn't throw up again. I was grateful I didn't get food poisoning! The moral to the story is only go to McDonalds if you're going to get ice cream.
So many awesome things happening it's hard to fit it all. "N's" continue to progress, "R" family too. "B" had some doubts this week but her member friend bore strong testimony and resolved "B"'s doubts. I can't believe how much the Lord is blessing us, but I'm super grateful to see it all happen. I hope you all have a great week. Congrats on putting in the papers Jared, I can't wait!
-Elder Greene

Taggert: Not sure if you check your email so I thought I'd just put something in here. Happy Birthday! I can't believe you are 13. I love you a ton Taggert and I can't wait to hang out with you this summer. It will be a blast. What did you get for your birthday? I heard you went to F1, thats awesome. Well hey I hope you have an awesome week! Love you!

Dad's message on Charity made me think, well I should probably send pictures because I love my family!

A member had a five lb chocolate bar... hahah

I made spaghetti... from squash! Impressive yeah?

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