Monday, July 1, 2013

Catch the Wave! (both the literal ocean wave and the metaphorical wave of missionary work)

Hey Greene Family,
Hopefully no one is sunburnt yet! I loved your letter mom. Congrats to Tyler and Lauren on their baby! I feel like you told me Lauren was pregnant last month, but maybe that's just time going by fast. I got your package! The pictures were so awesome, I was getting chills just looking over them. I would've given a lot to be there but I'll be there when Taggert wins state. Macey you look like you've gotten 3 years older in the past three months! Anyways, I should be moving on Friday, I'll let you know my address next week, this week will be crazy!
Well I'll start with a funny/nasty story. We got a call from our Branch President to do service at a man's house. This man's mom needed help moving. So us four Elders went in the morning. We got there and it turns out this man's mom had lived in this apartment for 31 years. And they are hoarders. It was filthy. But we put our shoulder to the wheel and started making many trips from the third story to bottom story. We worked for 3 and a half hours, and I sweated buckets (humidity playing a factor). Well we managed to move half of it. But we had to go because another family wanted help moving some things as well. So we left and worked for 3 and a half more hours at another families house, moving furniture. I haven't worked that hard in forever!
This week was just awesome. As I told you, I was able to help with youth conference this year in the Frederick Stake. We organized 20 missionaries to teach 160-200 youth about teaching the Gospel (mostly the first vision). It was so cool! But the part that excited me even more was them teaching "investigators". Many members from the stake came in and pretended to be investigating. Even me and Elder Foell put on normal clothes and took off our tags to be investigators! A pair of youth taught me and invited me to baptism! Hahah, these youth were so pumped afterwards and it carried to yesterday. Our Branch President asked several youth to get up and one said he was just going to serve because his parents wanted him to and now he wants to go because he knows it is true! Our whole branch is so excited to do missionary work. I also got an e-mail from Sister Suhaka (the woman who organized everything for the conference) expressing thanks to us and the other missionaries. Really awesome.
Also, on a side note, we have a new second counselor who is english (still trying to remember his Spanish from his mission) so me and Elder Foell get to translate for his wife. It's pretty fun, I've done it a lot of my mission!
So we had a great miracle this week with Hermano A. Lately he has been getting better, bit by bit. We got to his house this past week and he was so happy. He has been saying his prayers more and he has been seeing more blessings in his life. I can't wait until he finally makes that step to come back to church, because I know it is close. I know that a big reason I have been here in Frederick was for him and it has been a big blessing for me to see his progress. The Spirit has helped him a lot.
I love missionary work. I hope you all have a great time at the beach house! Watch out for sting rays.
-Elder Greene

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