Monday, July 22, 2013

Leaving Frederick

Greetings from Columbia Maryland!

Sounds like you all have had a crazy week. I was sad to hear about Ole, but you're right mom, we have so much more peace in our lives because of this Gospel. Thanks for the things you wrote mom and dad, I haven't read that book before so if you want to send it out that would be awesome. One way we have been seeing miracles with member missionary work is through the Hastening the Work videos. It brings the Spirit and really helps people to think how they can be better missionaries. This transfer was huge! We ended up having 40 new missionaries come in, 6 or 7 of which are waiting for visas to various locations. Out of these 40 included Elder Aubrey and Elder Dutson, my hijo! Elder Dutson is awesome, he lived down the street from President, so President already knew he's a stud. He reminds me of Jared sometimes because he's super skinny (for now) and his jokes are hilarious. He has a very humble and willing heart and so he's easy to teach. Elder Green is awesome as well. He doesn't need much training from me that's for sure, hahah. Overall, these past couple days could've been a lot more stressful but having a sweet companionship made it easier!

The branch here is great! They are really united and focused on missionary work. They also have the only set of Spanish sisters in the mission (both visa waiters). I won't lie, the branch loves their sisters, so we're trying to even out the love right now, hahah. Our goal for this past week and this week to come is to earn member's trust and to get them excited! They get a kick out of having two Elder Greens, I'm thinking about trying to get a tag that says Elder Verde or Elder Verdecito so that they can distinguish haha. But anyways, the work will progress quickly here, I can tell. The area we cover is pretty big and so we may ride bikes more to save miles to go to farther places. I am pretty sure I have only biked 6 days of my mission... 

I think I jinxed the whole "it hasn't been that hot here" comment because this past week was so hot and humid! We fixed a woman's shed and I don't think I've ever sweated so much from just hammering things. One day we had been working around an area for a while before dinner and we were all sweating a bunch. We decided to eat at Sam's Club (we didn't think you would need a card to just eat the food). We walk up and the lady that checks your card looked at us all sweaty and gross and told us normally she doesn't let people in without a card to eat but she would make an exception for us! Tender mercy for sure!

So this week we had a pretty cool miracle! It was the third day we had been here and we decided to see a less active family on the list. We got there and the mom didn't seem that thrilled to see us. But we just got to know her and we were friendly, then we asked what we could do for her. She opened up a little more and said that her son was sick in bed, and if we could give him a blessing. We gladly stepped in and gave him one (Elder Dutson reminded me of the beginning of my mission because he did his first anointing that day). They were grateful and I know it will open the way for us to come over again in the future.

Leaving Frederick was hard, it had been one of my favorite Branches. Tuesday me and Elder Foell said bye to a lot of members and investigators so that they wouldn't be weirded out when two new missionaries came in. It was a great day and we even ended up giving a blessing to the cousin of a woman in the branch. Her cousin also happens to be a Stake President in Puerto Rico here visiting. It was one of the more powerful blessings of health that I've given and I know it was because of the faith of that Stake President.

All in all things are moving right along in Columbia! Hope you all have a great week in Lake Tahoe!

-Elder Greene

"B" Family

"L" Family

"C" Family

Hno "S", fueled by haters

Hno "A", he was pretty bummed

"F" Family

The Gang (Me, Elder Green & Dutson)

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