Monday, July 15, 2013

Elder Greene, Elder Green and a Greenie??

Oh hey,
Awesome letter mom, thanks! I really enjoyed the wisdom teeth stories. If I remember my story was more like Macey, also, I don't remember my wisdom teeth hurting that bad. Gum graft, yeah that hurt. Hopefully everyone is healed up quick, I'll be praying for no dry sockets for you all. Also your scripture is great, I've used it many times with members and investigators. One cool thing we learned from a General Authority is that "remember, remember" is only found 6 times in the scriptures and it would be wise for us to know them. I have found 5 without the computer (no cheating). The weather hasn't been too bad here though. Maybe it's just because I'm in a car but this summer doesn't feel quite as bad as last summer!
So I'm sure you all are on the edge of your seats to know if I'm being transferred. Well, as always, it's kinda crazy. First, Elder Foell got a call yesterday and was told he will be a traveling assistant! I'm really happy for him, he'll do awesome. So I'll admit, I thought I was in the clear. But a couple hours later President called me and told me I will be transferred as well. I'm going to Columbia, speaking Spanish, shotgunning, starting a new zone, training a new zone leader, AND... wait for it... training a new missionary! Yep, Me and my new companion, whose name is Elder Green, will be zone leaders and we will have a third Elder with us that we will train together. Pretty unique! I'll admit I'm really sad to leave Frederick, I love the people here a lot. But I know the Lord needs me in Columbia (more specifically Ellicott City, I'll get an address to you next week).
I wanted to throw in a couple reasons why I love Spanish Branches.
-Dad's saying of "play the classics" is taken very seriously here, I have sang himno 118 Asombro me da, 4 or 5 weeks in a row.
-Many hispanics can relate with my diabetes, because their family all has it. Many have tried to offer me "cures", including small bugs or mystery pills. Also, according to these experts, pancakes, rice, bread, and potatoes are all good foods to eat because they don't have hardly any sugar. (don't worry I'm not swayed)
-Spanglish is a must when serving in a branch. Common phrases include: "Esta muy nice", "hasta la next", "voy a darle un punch" (poonch), and "I wish que..."
-You are one of the best singers no matter what.
Hahah those are just a few. Spanish people are awesome.
So this week was up and down but we saw some tender mercies for sure. We went to Hermano A's house and he was cooking so he was a little busy. So we started talking to his son, J., who is his less-active 18 year old son, who was visiting. At first he asked a lot of challenging questions to try and get us to admit we didn't love our missions, or we were out here for some other purpose than to serve Heavenly Father. But we just answered honestly and we were ourselves. We started talking about his life and his experiences with Church. He opened up and he liked us a lot. We were going to eat lunch with him this week! I know that if we are just ourselves when sharing the Gospel our testimonies have a lot more power!
Well I would write more but I got packing to do, again. I love you all, hope you all have fun in Tahoe! Catch a crawdad (sp?) for me.
-Elder Greene

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