Monday, July 8, 2013

Scriptures are Saved!!

Hey Greene Family!
Sounds like the beach was sweet! I'm proud that Jared and Collin were showing up all the natives, makes me remember 2 years ago when me and Mike went undefeated. Mike made a joke about how he is old and I have a pump on my arm and how they will underestimate us, hahah. But honestly Trevor is right, I really don't care too much that I'm not at the beach. This 4th of July week was an adventure for me too that's for sure. I can't believe dad will be the Ward Mission Leader! That's awesome. I have developed a lot of relationships with members but some of the closest ones I have are with old mission leaders. Dad you really will have an affect on those missionaries' lives. Be their friend! (I know you will). Study preach my gospel chapter 8, 12 and 13. If you can, watch "the district", it is a great example of how to work with the Bishop and with missionaries. I'll try and think of more things but I think those are the most important. The best mission leaders I've had just love the missionaries and love the people they are teaching. Oh also the work of salvation website is a great way to get members excited!
So this week we had the 4th of July. Every year in Frederick, President Olson (1st conselor in the stake presidency) does a big thing honoring veterans and things (not a church event). But he asks the missionaries to help every year as well. So on the 3rd we didn't proselyte (which drove me crazy), we just worked all day on his house setting up, cleaning, painting, and cutting grass. Then on the 4th about 500 people came and celebrated Independence day. It was a lot of fun! President Richards even spoke, pretty cool. So these two days were pretty crazy. But then on Friday we moved apartments! Me and Elder Foell moved almost everything we owned in about 5-6 trips with the Subaru. We even held on to our mattresses on top of the car as we rode over! Hahah. But it's great to be in a new apartment. Still looks pretty sparce but I love it. My address is 1466 Key Pkwy Apt 102 Frederick, MD 21702.
Although we definitely had less proselyting time this week, we saw amazing miracles! So remember M. C.? The woman whose house burned down? Well she was looking through her burnt stuff and all of it was ruined. But the people helping brought out one case that hadn't been too burned. She opened it up and it was her scriptures! Crazy! Anyways, through this experience she's decided that she needs to come back to church! And so yesterday there she was, sitting in the bag of the sacrament meeting! It was a complete miracle, M. C. hasn't been to church in years from what I understand.
We also have been working with a real awesome guy named Hno G. He is from Peru but got baptized in Japan. He went to an english ward every Sunday just because he felt the Spirit (he doesn't speak a  lick of English). He was baptized and now he's here visiting his daughter P. (also a recent convert). We were teaching him and I had the impression to ask him if he had been to the temple. He hasn't ever been to one! So he got his temple recommend yesterday and will be going to do baptisms for the dead in the next couple weeks! He's so awesome!
All in all I'm really just loving my mission. I've realized a lot more lately that a big part of being happy is progression. If we aren't moving forward we tend to not be as happy. I know if we set goals in our own lives and always seek to be better that we will have "eternal joy". I hope you all have a great week!
Elder Greene

PS: 8 YW is like 3x more than what we have in our branch, hahah, so keep trying.

Nothing Says Home Like a Member's Old Table and a Candle from a homeless shelter

Me and Elder Foell being investigators at Youth Conference

I've Always Wondered Why We Even Have Bed Frames, just put them on the ground!

Somos Los Soldados Que Combaten Error
(We are the soldiers fighting (sin)?) Rough translation from a non spanish speaking Mom

Just moving our things!


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