Monday, May 6, 2013

Magical Taquero Man

Hey Greene Family!
Sounds like everyone is pretty busy! Just reading about volleyball finals going on made me all excited. I can't wait to hear what happens this Sunday. So we just barely got any information on Mother's day. Turns out we can Skype for an hour again on Sunday. I will give you a call probably on Friday or Saturday to let you know what time I will call. I will probably call sometime between 6-8pm my time.
So I had some sweet experiences this week! We went to the birthday party of M's daughter (she's four). We figured it would be a good way to show our name tags in a setting that wasn't a door aproach. But the best part about the whole thing was that they had a taquero. A taquero is a magical man who makes unlimited tacos for the enjoyment of everyone at the party. And were not talking about lame American style Taco Bell tacos, we're talking about the real deal here. Me and Elder Knudsen were in heaven.
On a slightly more spiritual note, I dedicated a grave this week, which was a really special experience. There is an investigator in the Zone and he's getting baptized soon. His aunts and dad's graves have never been dedicated even though they died years ago, so we had the opportunity to go dedicate them. I remember feeling stressed about some unrelated things that morning and when we got there the Spirit was so strong, I immediately just had so much peace.
The biggest miracle of this week is C! I think I talked a little bit about him in my last letter but he's the 14 year old friend of a member in the branch. He's a real mature and sincere kid. We taught him in the member's home this week and he told us how much he wants to be baptized. So we invited him to a date in May, but tenatively because we still needed to call his mom. We called her and she's fine with us teaching him but won't let him be baptized. (Until the Holy Ghost softens her heart.)
Well it's been another fast week! I'm sure I'll be talking to you all in no time. Come up with some good questions I guess hahah. I love you all. Sorry if this letter is shorter, I have to take a survey for the mission...
Elder Greene

B-more Spanish District

Me and E (YSA member)

Me & Elder Knudsen (ready to serve our hearts out in yard of Hermana C)

Me & D

My Playground

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