Monday, May 20, 2013

Physically Sick But Spiritually Great

Hey Greene Family!
How is everyone doing? I can't believe that graduation and all that is going on. It all just moves too fast. This past week was kinda crazy! Me and Elder Knudsen both got sick yesterday with what we think is food poisoning. We endured the whole day (Sundays can be busy, especially yesterday). Last night I had a fever pretty bad and I just prayed I wouldn't throw up. But we're feeling a little bit better today. Anyways, I appreciated your thoughts and letters mom and dad!
So I bought a bike off a missionary for $75. I will just use cash. It's not the best bike but then again, I have only biked like 6 days of my mission.
So I got some funny things that happened this week
1) I convinced a Spanish woman that I was from Honduras! This either means my Spanish is getting good or she's super gullible.
2) I met an 80 year old Salvadorean woman on the street who looked pretty weak and feeble. It turns out that she had just been at the bar at a drinking contest with a Mexican guy. She had won.
3) We got a call from this 22 year old member who only speaks spanish. He was in the car with a member girl his age who only speaks english. He wanted us to translate their conversation for him, hahah. I just told him that he just needs to speak the language that everyone speaks, the international language. We hung up and had a good laugh.
So we've been teaching this man named Hno A. for the past two weeks. He feels like God has abandoned him and it makes him really depressed. When I taught him this past week he admitted that he had thought about killing himself that morning. We turned to Doctrine and Covenants 121 and 122. He liked it a lot (he's a member by the way) and asked me if I had spent all night looking for those scriptures because they applied so well to him. The Spirit was so strong and although he has a long way to go, I'm grateful the Spirit was able to guide us in helping him.
We also ate lunch with G. and her son this week. Her son is 15, his name is B. We have been going slow with G. but it is amazing how the Spirit is working on her. She already read several chapters of the Book of Mormon and we gave one to her son too. I can't wait to see her one day in church, because I know it will happen.
Last thing real quick. So as Zone Leaders we have a lot of extra stuff to do. Yesterday we were invited to attend the Stake Youth Council as they talked about their missionary activity coming up in June. (I found this meeting to be weird because I felt old when I was in SYC but all these kids looked so young!). After the council, we were invited to sit on the stand at the Fireside last night, also focused on missionary work. Me and Elder Knudsen weren't super excited for it just because we rather be out working but It turned out to be one of the best firesides I've been to. 3 former Stake Presidents spoke and the current one. The Spirit was amazing as they shared their conversion and missionary experiences. I felt physically sick but spiritually I felt great!
Well I love ya all! Thanks for the prayers and I'll be sure to look for that package today.
Con Amor,
Elder Greene
PS I met some Nicaraguans this week and I talked about Trevor with them. They got excited and asked if he's had Pinolio? Someone will have to ask him, hahah.

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