Monday, May 13, 2013

Ups Outweigh Downs

Querido Familia Greene,
It is kinda weird writing you a letter when I just talked to you but I saved some good stuff. I can't believe how much everyone is growing and it was weird to hear Taggert's voice deeper. I think I was pumped about winning states for the past like 24 hours or so. (Jared's volleyball team won the state championship on Saturday) We played volleyball today for p-day and I was extra excited because of the championship and also I haven't played in like 6 months (or it seems like it). Anyway it was fun, definitely didn't hit a .400 though. I can't jump at all. Hakuna Matata.
So this week had its ups and downs but the ups definitely outweighed the downs. One down was that C.'s grandma and mom are now prohibiting him meeting with the missionaries or going to church. Bummer. But he has been reading the Book of Mormon every day and I know he'll one day be a member of this restored church. The other down was that for dinner on Thursday we had soup with chicken feet, kidneys, and livers. Chicken feet aren't that bad, it's the livers that are nasty. I kinda thought maybe I should just eat a chicken pancreas too just to see if it cures diabetes...
The Ups: So we knocked into this Spanish guy and he didn't want to see us but he referred a neighbor of his. So we went and talked to her at the beginning of this week while it was dark and pouring rain. She agreed to setting up an appointment for several days later. That day came and we went and met G. She was nice but very Pentecostal. We found out that the man that referred her is her alcoholic ex-husband. She told us a lot about her life and then we began to talk about religion and her beliefs. She expressed that she's met with sister missionaries before and knows all about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. Surprise. We kept talking and she said this was 13 years ago in another town in Maryland. Then she was saying how she went to the church a lot and even got baptized. Me and my companions mouths fell open I think, hahah. Were looking for her records but it sounds like G. is a very inactive member! We'll be seeing her on Tuesday and we're super excited.
Another up was visiting a recent convert single mother who has been having a rough time lately. When we got there (I was on exchanges with an Elder that only spoke English) she asked if I could help her son with his homework. I guess he normally refuses to do his homework unless one of the Elders comes over. It was fun to help him read and fill in answers. He reminded me of a younger Taggert. I really think it's amazing how missionaries can just be a tender mercy for other people.
I love you guys. This weekend was great to hear about your lives and to see you all. I'm especially grateful for a mom who has taught me so much and raised me in the Gospel. I hope you all have a wonderful week. Rest up that shoulder Jared!
Elder Greene
PS. I want to buy a bike soon. I will try to pay in cash but if not I assume my card has money on it?

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