Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Know And Love The People

Thought I wasn't going to write you all huh? Well I am, we just had exchanges yesterday so I didn't have time til today. But you're welcome. Thanks so much for the package! That shirt is so cool, despite the poor vocab! Also the articles were real cool too. And the Ensign will be my best friend for the next 5 months or so. Yeah I heard that Emma and Carson are engaged! November 1st. Crazy. I feel super old.
So the week before my mission I vividly remember having a conversation with dad about golfing on missions. Finally that dream was realized on Monday! We borrowed our High Councilmans clubs and went to this sweet park in Walkersville where you can play nine holes, wait for it... For free! Yeah, there are just flags and no greens so it's like playing in the rough for 9 holes but it makes it fun. Once you get within 10 feet of the flag or so we call it good. I won with a score of 37! Hahah it was us 4 in the apartment and it was a blast.
So I'm going to keep this letter short, sorry. But we did have a real great week last week. We started teaching a Nicaraguan family named C. and R. C. They are super cool, he is a computer programmer and she worked in banking. (they use some big spanish words like,"infrastructura", which is uncommon). So some real growth people here. They talked to missionaries for years in Managua and then moved a lot and lost track of them. Now they're here and we are teaching them! So we had an awesome lesson about the tree of life. We talked about how there is only one way to get to the tree and you can't walk in between the great and spacious building and the tree. They both expressed desires to be baptized without us even saying anything! We will be seeing them again tomorrow night, so I'll let you know how it goes!
Just one last thought. Lately I've been realizing how lame the mission would be if I came out here to just teach people about God. A lot of missionaries think that is what it is. But really one of the best parts, and one of the most important parts, is to get to know and love the people. It makes it so much fun and I think it's some of the best advice I could give to an incoming missionary. Anyways, just a thought I had. I hope you all are having fun with EFY, priest quorum, and other summer stuff. But I'm still having more fun than you!
Love ya Greene Family!
-Elder Greene

My "I'm so excited I got a state shirt" face

Comp Unity, playing in proselyting clothes



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