Monday, January 7, 2013

Million Apologies

(Editor's note: due to the nature of this blog being public, we have decided to only use initials when Zach refers to his investigators!)

So you all are going to not be too happy with me this week. Things got mixed up today on p-day and long story short I have like 5 minutes to write so here it goes!

Yesterday was church and this guy named M. came, he's from Mexico, but he came from Kentucky. He was there going to the ward there for 4 years and then he came here. Anyways I taught him with another Spanish speaker in the ward the restoration after church and he's on date for January 26! Crazy! Also we drove with a member to see his friend and taught him the restoration too yesterday (all the way in Woodstock) and he agreed to baptism as well! Amazing miracles! 

Well I know you all are going to be disappointed, sorry. I will write a really awesome letter next week. Tell everyone in the ward and in our extended family that sent me things thank you! I'm so grateful. Also dad, send me some tips on how to lose weight and what to eat after running.

Love you, million apologies

Elder Greene

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