Monday, January 21, 2013

2 Timothy 1:7

La Familia Greene,

What's going on? Life keeps rolling along here in Winchester. Last week was one of the longer ones of my mission, but challenges brings blessings so it's all good. Just so you know, transfers are an extra week longer this time, so Elder Ocasio goes on February 6th. It's weird, it doesn't feel like we've been together that long, nor that I've been here for 4 months! But yeah I sent a letter to Elder Ward last week actually, just to comment on how he's been out a year, hahah. Sounds like some crazy stuff out in New Zealand! Oh and congrats to Lauren and Tyler on the baby, it's strange that he/she will be born before I get back.

So a cool thing this week. We had a family on our meal calendar that I'd never met, the F. family. I talked to the Winchester Elders and he said they are less active and they don't ever sign up to feed them so he was confused why she signed up for us. Anyways, we called to confirm the appointment and Sister F. answered and after confirming the time, she asked me if I was the one with diabetes. Turns out her daughter was diagnosed on New Years Eve. She's ten. When the dinner appointment came, she (the mom) asked me a lot of questions and I think I helped. Their situation reminded me a lot of my first months as a diabetic, counting everything exactly, buying different food, Mom being more worried than I ever was (or would be), etc. But we shared 2 Timothy 1:7 at the end and it turned out to be a good lesson. I also gave her your number, Mom, in case she ever wanted to talk to someone!

So as you know, the Spanish Branch recently got disassembled last year. It's been kinda hard to see the effects, one being that the old Branch President and his family went inactive, the D family. Me and Elder Ocasio have visited them many times in an effort to help them back. They've gotten better. Anyways, I got to Winchester Ward to translate (me and Elder Ocasio separate now every Sunday to cover translation for both wards) and I was hoping to see some investigators come in. No one ended up coming sadly, but the D. family comes strolling in! I probably had the biggest, goofiest grin on my face but I didn't mind too much. It was such a huge miracle to see them there after 2 or 3 months of saying they would never come again.

We really have some amazing things happening here and I'm learning more and more to just be patient and work as hard and as smart as you can. Success is a gift, as Elder Bednar has said. We found a really amazing family of 4 this week (actually I was in Front Royal on exchanges, which we invited a guy from the Baltimore Ravens to baptism, named W. T., he doesn't play now though.) but anyways they are super solid according to Elder Ocasio and they are from Nicaragua! So I'm super excited to meet them, and even more cause I have never met Nicaraguans on my mission. 

Anyways, I love you all! I wish it were warm here like in Arizona but hey I'll live. Hope you all have a good week, I'll keep you in my prayers.

Con amor,
Elder Greene

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