Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Miracles!

Hey there Greene Family!

So Christmas is come and gone. It was different but I was just as happy, if not more, this Christmas in comparison to others. Thank you so much for all the gifts. I am already using the GPS, and I love the calendar. Also scarves are just the best, it's cold here. Mom, thanks for your comments about "regrets and resolutions." It was actually my favorite talk of conference and I have a quote from it on the front of my agenda. 

So yeah I went to the doctor this morning as a matter of fact, with Dr. Li (I call her Doctur Ree, Jared will know why...) Anyways, she's nice, she gave me a lot of tips on how I can get some of my numbers down. She wants me to start eating less carbs at night, so I'm going to do my best. She also said I need to count carbs and enter them into the pump instead of doing it in my head. I will probably have to repent cause I told her I would try. Also she wants me to come back in a month, I'll talk to Sister Richards about it tomorrow.

So we had a bunch of miracles this Christmas week! But to have miracles, you got to make sacrifices. The day after Christmas, it was snowing pretty hard so we got grounded, no cars, but we still needed to work. So it was a day of walking and shoveling for service! The snow turned to rain that froze when it hit things too. My hair was frozen, it was crazy! We still ended up having a good day, but the big miracles came the day after. The next day we could drive so we went to an old investigator named Pedro. He answered and he had an eyepatch. He'd been having some tough trials lately with his family and health. He let us in and my companion asked if we could give him a blessing. He said yes with a lot more faith than I was expecting. We explained it and gave him a blessing of health. After we finished, he had tears in his eyes and he was very grateful. We're hoping this will open the window to us working with him again! Then two hours later we found one of the coolest couples ever! Luis and Estela. They let us in and they both sat on the couch with their two little kids and we taught them the Restoration. They both go to different churches (sometimes) and so they really liked the Joseph Smith story. It really was a tender mercy to find them.

Another quick experience this week. We knocked on an investigator's door this past Saturday to at least say hi but it was just the grandma home. So we couldn't do anything really but I asked her if we could shovel her walkway. She didn't have a shovel, sadly. So I looked for a shovel in the front yards of people close by. I found one, knocked the door, and we found Leonidas! We taught him, and after we left we borrowed his shovel to get rid of the snow at the other investigator's house! Hahah, service is the best!

Well I love you, thanks so much for everything you gave me, have a great week!

Elder Greene

8 Foot "Buddy" the snowman

So Excited for District Meeting/Christmas!



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