Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy 20th Birthday!

Good afternoon Greene Family!

Well as you may or may not know, this week is transfers. I got the call today at around 11 that neither me nor my companion will be leaving! So that's pretty sweet, change can be hard. (Not that I know what NOT changing is like, I've never had the same companion two transfers in a row...) But ya know, God has a sense of humor and as soon as you feel you're safe, ya get something thrown at you. I got a call from President asking me to be the new district leader, hahah. (This is what happens when you live with Zone Leaders) But I'm excited to push myself and I'm sure this week will be full of even more prayers. As a Spanish Elder working with all English elders it should be interesting!

Anyways, got your Amazon package, sorry, I opened it. Thanks for the ab wheel and bands! My abs could definitely use it hahah. I think I'm weighing in in the high 170's right now. Thanks so much for the update on the friends with calls! That's so sweet. To answer your question, Mom, on how do we find Spanish people, that's a good question. There are all sorts of ways, they don't hide really. Boots outside the door, trailer parks, bikes outside the door, Dish "500" (international language tv dishes), and then just referrals. You ask any white person where all the Spanish people live and they will tell you every door usually. Now the trick isn't finding Spanish people, it's member present lessons and getting them to church!

This week we had a way cool lesson with Elsa. I'm not sure what I've said about her but she's pretty awesome. We got to her house for our appointment and the house was black inside. Of course we knock the door anyways. Nothing. We call her house phone. Nothing. Finally we call her cell and she answers! She had been sleeping cause of a migraine but she got up and came down. (She's so awesome.) Then turns out her husband wasn't home, can't go in. It is 45 degrees outside and she has a migraine and just woke up, but she still says lets open the garage and have a lesson! So we started to teach and right then her husband (who we haven't met before) came home. He turns out to be super cool. He's just a white dude from Virgina named Mark. We taught the rest of the lesson inside, but I was just stoked how cool our investigator is.

I wish I could tell you about all our investigators but it would take too long. We taught our investigator out in West Virginia this week, Reymundo (goes by Taco or Tigre). He got ran over by a car that morning (darn Satan) and ended up having a whole lot of broken ribs. He still wanted us to come over and we gave him a blessing in his super tiny room, seriously it's as big as mom's closet maybe. Also it's a little crowded cause one wall is covered with Jesus and Mary stuff and the other with pictures of tigers and other tiger memorabilia. He's hilarious.

Welp, that's about it. In other, less missionary important news, I can't believe Obama won (you can cut this out if you want). So dumb.

Anyways, love you all, thanks for everything! I can't believe I'm turning 20 this week, I don't feel that old at all. Time just keeps passing by like crazy.

-Elder Greene

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