Monday, November 19, 2012

Insights on Holy Ghost

Que pasa familia?

So it's true, I'm twenty now. It's kinda a weird age and it makes me feel old but I don't know if it's hit me really yet. It hit me harder when I talked to a new Elder in our zone who graduated in 2012. Time seriously just flies. But I wanted to say thanks so much, for all the gifts and letters. I know dad thought B-days were kinda lame in the mission, but honestly the night of my birthday I was as happy as any other birthday. The frame is on my desk, and I want to read that Book of Mormon so bad, it's so cool. (We sent Zach a replica of the first Book of Mormon printed) Ties and slacks are all awesome. And the Elder Eyring talks we're amazing, they answered some questions I had. Seriously, I have the best family ever. But yeah, we went to our recent convert (Arias Family) family's house for my birthday dinner and they cooked taquitos and a cake named "impossible". It was fantastic, and more importantly, we're going to the temple to do baptisms for the dead with them this week! So pumped (last time he had to work, so this time it will happen.) 

To answer questions, I'm the district leader of Winchester Spanish (Us), Front Royal, Luray, Petersburg, and Woodstock. So 5 sets of missionaries, all English speaking except us. Yes I went straight from Junior comp to District leader, but it hasn't been a problem.... Yes we have Thanksgiving set up, or 3 hahah. As for Christmas stuff, a GPS would be perfect and I wouldn't mind a blue scarf? Other than that, I'm not sure. Have fun!

Well this week was amazing! It was a week of firsts. My first 20th birthday, first week as a district leader, first time I've dedicated a house (cool huh?), and first time we had investigators to church in this area! We're so blessed and we're hoping God will continue to bless us this week. 

I wanted to share somethings different this week, instead of a story, something I've learned. As a missionary we can be in tune with the Spirit more than any other time in our lives previously (at least for me). As long as you're obedient and looking for Heavenly Fathers help, you can have the Spirit with you. I think before my mission I thought of the Spirit as a comforter and someone that tells you the truth. Now I realize He is so much more than that. He can open your mind to new things, or give you direct guidance. He can just give you a feeling in your heart, to go a certain way. He can enable you to convey a message with a lot more grace than normal. He can give you peace and joy in hard times. I can't even list all the ways the Spirit has helped me on my mission. And it's helped me to realized what would a mission be like if we didn't have the Spirit? I personally believe it would be a lot like my birthday cake, "impossible". Finding, teaching, planning, all would be so much harder and ineffective. If there was anything that has brought me the most joy in my mission, next to seeing people change, it would be feeling the Holy Ghost work through me. I'm so grateful that I have the opportunity to serve a mission. I know that this is the restored Church of Jesus Christ and I know that only by listening to the Holy Ghost can we progress and endure to the end.

Sorry it's a little different, we had good experiences and lessons this week. But I just wanted to share that. Keep Elsa, Braudelio & Cecilia, Pedro, Ramon, and Carmen & Estela in your prayers. There's a lot more that I could name off, but that's probably all I have time for. Thanks again for everything. I'm so grateful that my family is in the right path and that we can all live to together again after this life.

Con amor,
Elder Greene

PS. Thought you might want to hear the sweet news! We can skype for a our Christmas call! We'll work out times and stuff later. 


Zach's birthday package 


Zach after opening birthday package

El Pastel se llama impossible
(translation: cake called impossible?)

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