Friday, June 29, 2012

Alma 29:9 Coincidence

Buenos dias! (It's 7:00 am)
Thanks for the letters mom and dad! I can't believe Elder C Ward is in New Zealand! I can't wait to get that letter mom, hopefully it comes today. I heard the Wards were at the temple from Elder Allen, hahah, (or Aw-Yung Jung-Low in Cantonese, at least that's what it sounds like). Too bad I didn't see them. So glad to hear Jared is recovering super fast! I wish I could be there when you plant one, ten foot line your senior year. (While I get fat and can't jump). Oh, they "scooped" my wart out this week! Little did I know scooped meant scalpeled! He cut off the surface and then said oh yeah this ones deep! So he proceeded to scalpel my foot and I just had to laugh it off (Holden Greene style). But I'm all good now!
But guess who I did see this week?? Dr. Ray Peterson, Zoe's dad! He happens to work at the same building Elder Wright does physical therapy in! I saw his name on the directory so we went to the dermatology office and I talked to secratary and she let me back in his office! Hahah, he got a picture of me and him and sent it to Zoe. He also says that him and Shawn Peterson were talking about dad recently and now Ray remembers dad more. Anyways, crazy stuff!
This week I got to meet my Mission President (and his wife)! They are so awesome! The meeting was in the room that I have class, probably cause I had been here 6 and a half weeks and the English speakers had only been here for a half a week. President Richards told me there are only 12 Elders that speak Spanish in the mission, out of a 120 or so! I am so pumped hahah. They are actually taking a 13 year old daughter and a 16 year old son out there as well, crazy yeah? But meeting my mission president just affirmed once again that I am supposed to go to Maryland Baltimore. He has many ideas as to how things are going to go and one thing he said was our "mission scripture" and it's Alma 29:9! Which is my mission scripture on my plaque! So that was awesome. Then later at the devotional on Tuesday they looked for some of their missionaries (there was me, 6 English I think, and a new Spanish speaker, he'll get there 6 weeks after me.) But anyways they could only find me so they took a picture with me hahah.
I think I'll have travel plans by tomorrow or Monday so i'll let you know when I'm flying out!
Devotional was awesome. We had 10 Apostles in the room!! All except Elder Packer and Elder Hales. That's insane. Elder Perry spoke using a slide show based on lots of research from various groups. My favorite one was that as we receive higher education, we are more likely to be active in the Church, whereas ALL other churches are less likely to be active with more education. To me this is just another testimony of why the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the only true church on this Earth. The more I study and the more I learn here, the more I realize that the Plan is perfect for us. That the Gospel of Jesus Christ is perfect. That we are the only Church led by an Omniscient Being, Jesus Christ. Elder Packer said many more things that I wish I could tell you but I don't have time, (so maybe ask me after the mission). But one other thing: Technology has become vastly more complex since 1830 (when the church was restored) "this is no coincidence." I just thought that was pretty cool.
What else... Oh the MTC has smelled like a camp ground for the past couple days. We've been told there are fires in Utah and Colorado? I don't know, but it's pretty crazy. Ash falls from the sky and everything smells like campfire. The sky is all nasty as well. So it will be nice to leave to Baltimore!
Well I am just living up every day here! I seriously feel like i've been here for 3 weeks, not 7 and a half! I love you guys and love your letters and insights! Have fun in California!
-Elder Greene

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