Friday, June 22, 2012

Men Are That They Might Have Joy

Mi familia!

How's it going?? I can't believe how fast time moves here. Seems like it was two days ago when I wrote you last! I'm down to 2 and a half weeks!! I'm nervous but so excited! I'd like to thank everyone for letters! Especially tell Grandma and Grandpa Peart thanks! I'm glad Jared is doing well, seems like a lot of prayer and inspiration went into his surgery. You kinda left me hanging for 6 days on whether or not it went well! (Disclaimer: Sent a surgery update the day of surgery through but apparently Zach never got it!) But I figured it probably did considering no letters. How is Elder Connor Ward's visa coming along? Any news?

First off, Mom I got the pants, sorry I kept forgetting to tell you. I love them, they are way sweet! Thank you! Sounds good with the necklace! (medical id) In addition to the Elder Wards and Elder Haviland, could you get me the Ogdens home address? Thank you! No rush by the way. Also, I'm thinking I might want to get a new set of English scriptures here, is that ok? It would be like $35, let me know.

So I'll start with some funny stories. I was walking in the bookstore with my companions and guess who I saw?? Mr. B!!! The Greenfield Elementary art teacher! I don't know when he stopped working there but he hasn't changed a bit! Him and his wife are going on a mission and they were cracking up that, even here, someone's stopping them to say,"Mr. B!"

So this week and last week brought many friends into the MTC! I saw Elder Daren Woodward (Zach's BYU roommate) and his companion this past Monday and I said hi. Then I looked at his comp’s name tag and guess who? Elder Chase Plowman! Hahah, small world people.

This past Sunday I got made District Leader... It's been something new and I'm grateful for the opportunity to learn. So it turns out, this week is the best week to be here at the MTC. All the mission presidents are coming on Saturday along with the apostles and possibly the Prophet!! I will be able to meet with my mission president in a several hour meeting tomorrow night. And unless some English speaking Maryland Baltimore missionaries came on Wednesday, I will be the only one in the meeting... Hahah.

So I don't know how much I've told you but Elder Wright's knee has been pretty messed up lately. For a while they thought it was a torn minuscus but it turned out to be a bruised bone. He does physical therapy twice a week and for about a week he was on crutches. Let me tell you, in the MTC, crutches are a pain. But it was nice to hear it wasn't a torn minuscus after many doctor’s appointments, x-rays, and an MRI. So he is on the road to recovery! Moving slow with mi companero roto was patience trying at times but I was reminded of my setting apart. I believe he said something along the lines that I would not always be able to move at the pace I wanted to because of my companions. Hahah.

This past week we talked a ton on the Spirit and revelation. I must say I am so so grateful I got to do that farewell talk because it has come into my life so many times here at the MTC. So some things that I really like that we learned: The Spirit is a member of the Godhead, he should be treated as if God or Jesus Christ were helping us teach.- Paraphrased Elder Holland, I think this is awesome. Too often we take the Spirit for granted in our lives! Another thing I loved is that many times personal revelation won't just come to us on our knees while we're praying. Most of the time we need to be pondering our question and studying the scriptures for the answer! You wouldn't believe how much the Spirit and revelation comes into play with our teaching. Essentially the first lesson should come down to, Christ's church is restored on the Earth today and you can know of this truth through revelation, through reading the Book of Mormon, pondering and prayer. So I just want you guys to know that God wants to give us things, he is anxious to give us blessings, but we need to work for them!

Well I can't believe how fast time goes! You guys are going to the beach next week?? I'm jealous but not that jealous. "men are that they might have joy" and let me tell you, the most joy I can have right now is spreading the Gospel (or preparing to!) Alma 29 talks about this, check it out!

Love you guys!
-Elder Greene

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