Saturday, July 7, 2012

Last Letter from MTC!

This is it! Last letter I'll write you here in the MTC! Sorry you didn't get this yesterday, our P-Day switched because yesterday was in-field orientation. Thanks so much for the letters, Connor's letter was great and it was awesome to read the (volleyball team missionary) newsletter. I'm so grateful to have so many examples for me, especially my cousins.
So here are the details for my flight. I arrive at the travel office at 6am with 6 others (all the English speakers). I should be at the airport in my terminal between 7:30-8:00am, this is when I'll call you and I will buy another calling card just in case that one runs out. My flight leaves at 10:00 am and it's a direct flight to Baltimore, arriving at 4:15pm (Maryland Time). So be ready for my call! I'll call the home phone but if that doesn't work, I'll call the cell phones. Be ready with questions hahah! And if you want to tell me anything you can write a dearelder today and I'll get it on Monday.
My insulin should come the day I get there, my mission president has been directed to put it in the fridge. Mom will you change the address for my Omnipod stuff or what? Let me know? Also when will you send the blanket? I should be able to send you a letter on Tuesday or Wednesday I assume. With the blanket, I'd also like some more gel. Also it seems I forgot a normal sweatshirt, I have my green jacket and a wool coat, no sweatshirts. So do you want to send me one that I own or should I just buy a new one at Walmart or something?
Well I'll admit it, I am a little jealous you were all at the beach house this week. At first I didn't care but then on Wednesday, we got to watch the fireworks coming from the Stadium of Fire until like 11. But once morning came all was well, I realize that I'm doing a lot more important things (no offense). But I hope you all had fun! I'm sure Jared is better left handed than I am right handed now. My goal in Maryland is to not be fat anymore. (Besides baptizing everyone)
This week Elder Phyl Curtis came in! And guess what?? He is in my Zone!!!! It's nuts, but I leave on Tuesday so it's short lived. Good to hear that Cory is getting ready to go! Elder Kyle Jarvis and I thought he came in this week so we were sad when he didn't come. Oh well. He'll be a great missionary!
There isn't a whole lot to say in this letter. This week we had a new goal, when you have a tie on, you have to speak Spanish. It's hard but way fun! Other than that it was a pretty normal week. I played a bunch of soccer, studied, and taught "investigators". We're going to pack a lot today and I have to get another haircut... so a bunch of fun stuff, hahah.
As the time gets closer to leave, me and my district are all pretty much the same. Sometimes we're so excited we can't sit still and other times we're scared out of our minds cause this is crazy, hahah. But I know I just need to trust in my Heavenly Father and realize that I am on his errand. He'll protect me and help me. I loved your scripture by the way mom, "doubt not, fear not." I don't know if I've told you guys this but I've decided that Faith isn't having no fear, but doing things in spite of your fear. Anyways, I'm so excited to go out to Maryland and start this crazy adventure. It's possible I might be doing service my first week! That storm sounds crazy. Utah has been having problems itself, with the fires and what not. It finally rained on Thursday so hopefully that helped (I have no way of telling if it did, except that it doesn't rain ash here anymore.)
Well I'm gonna write Elder C. Ward now so I'll cut this letter a little short. But hey we'll talk on Tuesday! It'll come fast I'm sure! Love you, hope everyone is well!
-Elder Greene
P.S. Best of luck Dad on your presentation!

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