Friday, June 8, 2012

Covenants and Faith

Verde Familia!
Thanks so much for the package! Food is of great worth here and I'm kinda rich in between you and my friends! Thanks Taggert for the letter! Azul is actually blue but good try buddy, hahah. The pictures were awesome! I have such a good looking family!
K so this past week has been nuts to say the least. I will try my best to get it all. So first off, Elder Andreason in our district has been reassigned from Guatemala to Des Moines Iowa because of his inability to sleep (the word escapes me right now). He was one of my favorite Elders in our district so it was sad but thankfully he's still in our Residence hall. So he went to another Zone last Saturday, (he's english speaking now). So that left his Guatemalan companion, Elder Rockwood, with the choice of one of the Trio of who his companion was for the next four days. He picked me. So me and him were companions for the 4 days he still had until he left for the Guatemalan MTC on Tuesday. It was fun being in a companionship of two and getting a feel for that. PS. Elder Andreason's new companion is Elder Day who know's Rhett and Leslie! Apparently him and Elder Reese were in their ward?
So on Monday I got my wart injected craziest thing ever. He numbed my foot from my ankle and then from the side of my foot with the tip of the needle going to the center of my foot! It was nuts. This guy was like,"Hey tell me when this needle tingles cause if I go into your nerve it's going to feel like you touched an electrical fence." He said a lot of stuff like that. The whole thing took like an hour and a half but the shuttles take forever so me and Elder Rockwood were gone for 3 hours! But so far so good, it's starting to get red and once it turns black (this stuff is a form of chemo apparently?) they scoop it out!
So Elder Wright sprained his knee... 7 years ago. Yeah it started hurting more this week and now he has to go to physical therapy every other day. So Elder Ziegner went with yesterday and it turns out we get to workout while he does therapy! Cool huh? But yeah things have been crazy this week medically!
This parts for Jared, guess what bro?? I played volleyball for like 10 minutes the other day and I got this perfect over pass. This kid tried to block me (he had no idea what he was doing honestly) and so I hit the ball when it was just over his fingers. Afterwards he was holding his hand, I thought I jammed his fingers but it turns out I ripped his fingernail completely off!! I felt really bad but at the same time I was a little proud...
Oh and Yes I know Elder Webster, he played volleyball for a year or so. (A missionary from Gilbert, AZ that is serving in Baltimore, MD.)
So this week I learned a lot (as always). One member of the Seventy, Marlin K. Jensen gave a talk just about missionary work. He also talked about covenants (Mom) and said,"How dare you wake up late when you raised your hand to the square and convenanted with your Father that you would be obedient." Super powerful. I was pretty grateful I wasn't one of those kids whose face said, "Busted." Obedience is something I have gained an even better testimony of here. Also my teacher Hermano Taylor changed how I think about a lot of things this week. Our district talked about Faith for 2-3 hours one night and it made me realize how little I really know. One thing I thought was cool is that at some point we stop praying for faith. We believe we already have enough or something. So my challenge to you guys (and myself) is to pray for faith more often in your prayers.
The Spanish keeps coming along! Hermano Taylor says that I am doing very well for how much Spanish I took. I credit it all to my companions and Heavenly Father. One funny thing I realized was that I went to Playa del Rey (beach of the king) when I was a kid, I wonder if that helped at all? Hahah
Well I love you guys so much and the pictures made me realize even more how blessed I am to have such an amazing family! Macey Happy Birthday on Monday! Oh and glad you guys had fun on trek!
- Elder Zach Greene
Ps. The health office people want me to get a medic alert bracelet/necklace. I normally would say a flat no but I'm trying to be obedient yeah? So mom could you look into a medic alert necklace? Honestly just a long chain and something that says I'm diabetic? Thanks!

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