Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Voice of a Minister

Buenos Dias!
Well not that your hope for a letter is gone, here I am, with a letter. Obviously couldn't e-mail on Monday and yesterday we had some team-ups with Sisters, so here ya go, Wednesday morning surprise. It's been a great week (and a half) and I'm just loving Columbia. I would be content to stay here for 3 more transfers. Thanks a bunch for the letters and the pics! The pictures kinda freaked me out, not gonna lie. Jared looks older, Macey looks a lot older, and Taggert looks way older! Not to mention Holden looks like he has been eating his Wheaties, he's huge. Anyways, I got your package, the pants fit, so no worries! The black ones go well with my suit coat and the other ones are sweet! Thanks! The book you sent Dad is awesome. I read it all by Monday. It changed some of the ways I think about missionary work (like inviting non-members to serve with us!) and also made me want to be an awesome member missionary when that day comes. I think your Ward Mission Plan looks awesome, and I know that you and the Bishop will receive revelation to carry it out. Also, I got the new pods, but the new PDM hasn't arrived yet. So if it doesn't come to today I will call and make sure it is coming. Also, could you get some more test strips (not the "Light" kind, just as a reminder) sent out? I'm running low. No worries though, I have tons of the "Light" ones that supposedly don't work (which I used for 2 years).
Well I'm not sure if I included it in my last letter or not but me and my companions are all staying here in Columbia! We love this Branch. We had a really cool experience this weekend with Hermano R. Him and his wife invited a non-member woman, M.E., and her son who is a member. We had a sweet brunch and afterwards we shared a short message with M.E. Both Hermano and Hermana R bore powerful testimonies and the Spirit was super strong. M.E. agreed to allow us to teach her and help her and her family to have more peace and happiness.
So that same day we had virtually no miles left, it was the 31st. So after getting back from our Ward Mission Leader's house we were forced to walk (bikes weren't an option, long story). So we walked around trying to talk to everyone. It was highly ineffective. 8 o clock rolled around and we were getting a little discouraged because we were essentially forced to knock doors at this point. I haven't knocked a door without it being a referral in maybe 5 months or so. But we went to a complex and knocked three doors. On the third one, a Spanish woman answered and invited us in without us saying two words. Her husband was sleeping in the other room but we started talking to M. (Yes another one). She was really friendly and by the time we left we had another appointment set up to eat Tamales and teach her the rest of the Restoration! It was a really amazing miracle to find her.
Yesterday we went on team ups with the Sisters in Hampstead. We visited their investigators, the M's. They have only met with them two or three times but they are really nice. He has two Porshes, one a '66 and the other '95. I got to sit in the '95 for a bit which was sweet. After the lesson, Sister M asked me to say the prayer. I did, and afterwards she looked at me and said that I have the voice of a minister. We all laughed, and then I told her,"Would you believe me if I told you that was the first prayer I've said in English in a couple weeks?" hahah. But yeah, I'll let you know when I start my own Healing Ministry, I've been thinking of a couple different names,"The Great and Spacious Church" is one that comes to mind.
Well I hope you all have a great day! Let me know where Collin is going! We really got the order off when we numbered ourselves, hahah. I love you all!
-Elder Greene

Elder Gundersen went home! (I got to go to transfer meeting because we are in charge of setting up/taking down, considering we live in Columbia) Look for him on campus, Jared!

All the Elder Green(e)'s in the mission!

Today's advice comes from the Nehemiah House Ministry, you heard it kids. Couldn't have said it better without myself!
(Macey informs me that is a movie quote?)

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