Monday, September 23, 2013

I Got The Black Lung, Pops

Welcome to Elder Greene's Letter.
I'm running out of clever ways to start my letters. Sounds like you all had a fun week! Well somewhat, sorry you broke your toe mom! That's crazy. How long is the recovery time? I loved the Greene Family Ward mission plan, I wouldn't add anything. Will the plan be edited once you move? (I don't know when you plan on doing that, do you have an ETA?). I received a letter from Brother Smith the other week and I wanted to give him a shout out, love you Brother Smith!
Well here is the Health Report:
So I wasn't sure how long it would be for me to get into the Endocrinologist so I went to a normal doctor for the infections. I still had a cold and when I went in it turns out a had a fever (99.5 I think) so they looked at my legs and did some blood work to make sure the fever wasn't caused by infection. Anyways, long story short and after sitting in a cold chair in a hospital gown (the things aren't as fun as they look) he told me that the redness and itchiness is actually skin irritation and not infections. I guess my legs are dry and so the pods irritate them. Kinda lame but hey, the doc said I did the right thing in making sure. Well about an hour later I get a call that someone canceled and I was going to be able to go to the Endo Doc the next day. So I met my new doctor, Dr. Khan. She is pretty cool and she told me straight up what we were going to do. So I'm getting an A1C at the end of the week, I'm writing all my numbers down for her to see each week and I have a special diet of 60 carbs or less a meal. I will be going to a carb counting class in October to brush up on counting and my next actual appointment in December she may want me to get a Continuous Glucose Monitor if insurance covers it (sounds pretty sweet). Anyways, Sister Richards and I talked and for now I don't want to eat with members so that I can get regulated, but when I told the members that--there was a Branch wide uproar and last night I ate a pretty delicious soup of only veggies and chicken. So I believe the Branch will be able to take care of me, if not, I always got my backup sandwich. Despite my higher numbers, Dr. Khan says I'm pretty healthy and that I don't have any nerve damage, which is impressive according to her. Oh, and I still have a cold, which may be the longest I've had a cold. No worries though, I'm feeling pretty good overall!
Ok back to the good stuff.
So this week I went on exchanges with the Elders in Eldersburg. I was sick as a dog but it went great! One funny part was when they asked me if I wanted to visit Dennis Pitta (LDS pro football player). I laughed because it was tempting to go visit Dennis Pitta since we were .2 miles from his house, but I asked them what does the Spirit wanted us to do? They kinda groaned but we ended up visiting a less active and I really feel like she needed that visit that night, so that was pretty cool!
There is a less active man, Hermano "H", in our Branch that I love and he said he was going to paint his deck. I was pumped because that was my summer job (ok half summer job, I didn't really work a whole lot). So on Saturday we went to it and I was having a great time painting this huge wood deck. Hermano "H" was happy to have us there and we had a good time. Storm clouds came in when we were leaving (it's a big deck, we only could paint a third that day). I said hopefully it doesn't rain! He responded, well at least the paint will be really clean! Hahah. They may be moving back to Mexico soon but I know service softens hearts, hopefully we can help him and his wife come back to church a couple times before they go!

We visited with "D" this week again. I went with Hermano Rodriguez while my companions went to visit some other people. Hno Rodriguez and I saw "D" and they hit it off right away. I learned a lot of new Spanish slang from Guatemala because they are both Guatemaltecos. It was getting late and I knew we couldn't finish the whole Restoration with "D" so I asked him if he prays. He said he doesn't really. The Spirit came in really strong and I taught "D" how to pray and Hno Rodriguez invited him to pray with Hna "C" as a couple. He felt the Spirit and we possibly will be seeing him tonight.

Well I feel like I had to spend a little to much time on my medical stuff but I thought you would want a good update. By the way, I've been borrowing an amazing book from one of my companions, Believing Christ. It is so good, you all should read it! I love you all and I will be praying for mom's toe this week! Hopefully Jared is staying out of trouble, hahah. It sounds like his Sunday schedule is similar to mine, except I don't get home until 10:20, hahah
-Elder Greene

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