Monday, June 10, 2013

Mountain Dew and Tender Mercies

Buenos Dias!
How's everyone doing? Hopefully mom is feeling better, strep throat is no good. I'm glad Jared is getting to work, I will finish my letter with helpful tips and tricks of staining gates, hahah. To answer your question about the ties, I have inherited many. I have about 50 now. Most of it is from other missionaries but I also buy a couple from Goodwill here and there. Well on a side note, I'm going to get my A1C this week (of my own free will). So wish me luck.
So our Zone is crazy! We have 20 missionaries, 14 of which are trainers with their new missionaries! One of these new missionaries is Elder Payne who lives in our apartment with Elder Vargas training him. Elder Payne is waiting his visa to go to Buenos Aires South. Not sure if that's Alex's mission or not... Anyways, me and Elder Foell get along great, he's from Sacramento California (just cause I know you'll ask).
I ate fried cow stomach this week, its not that bad.
So now for the main story. These past couple weeks we've been working to help an inactive Spanish woman named M. get electricity back in her house. Apparently there was a problem with the box outside. So it's been a whole lot of translating phone calls. (I learned electrical companies are frustrating, how's that for a life lesson?) Anyways, this past Friday we went over there before dinner and just made sure the electrician is coming and it was all going to work out. It was. So we left and ate. At 8:30 we came back to teach her neighbor across the street who is also less active, O. We sat down, he offered us Mountain Dew and I tried to get out of it because my blood sugar was already high. He called me mentiroso (liar). Just as I opened the can, sirens went off in the street, there were police cars flooding in and fire trucks. M.'s home was pouring smoke out the door! We ran outside (I didn't have to drink Mountain Dew, nice little tender mercy) and started yelling in Spanish to make sure people weren't in the house. (I could only carry 3 people out at a time. That last part isn't true, we didn't go in.)  M., like many hispanics, lives in a house full of people, thankfully all 9 got out! We got to translate for the police as they talked to different residents. Turns out one of the guys was cooking while drunk. And due to no electricity, he was using an open flame (Moral of the story: alcohol is bad). We got thanked by a couple people from the fire squad and the police which was cool. All in all, God blesses us with gifts (like speaking Spanish) so that we can help others!
Well I was going to write a bit more but I got to get some good staining advice going. Hahah I love you all! Have a great week!
Elder Greene

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