Monday, March 11, 2013

Packing Again!

Hey Greene Family!
How is everyone feeling? Hopefully that California air is healing some sick people. Macey, I hope you feel better soon, you're in my prayers. As well as Grandpa Greene. I hope he recovers quickly! Thanks for the letter mom, I appreciate it a lot. We actually used that analogy of Nephi in our last Zone Training to help highlight some principles. One thing I thought about is how many "straight sticks" have I seen in my life? I bet it wasn't just a couple hour process for Nephi to build a bow, but he had faith. He couldn't have a perfect knowledge that if he found a straight stick that he would be able to kill food with it, but he believed in something that he couldn't see. Thanks mom.
So this morning was a little mini adventure. We got call outs and they said that Elder Gundersen was being transferred. We were pretty bummed because we have had a great time together. Then we got a phone call from President and he said that they were splitting the Zone (because of the abundance of missionaries). So Elder Gundersen was going to the Baltimore YSA. Then he paused and said wait a minute. He then said, I changed my mind. Elder Greene is going to the YSA with Elder Fast and Elder Gundersen is staying. This way I have the Spanish District in my Zone and I can help them out. It was kinda crazy but I feel good about the transfer. I know Elder Fast because I lived with him in Winchester and he is a good missionary. We're going to shotgun the area but should be a fun time! Hahah. The mission is hard, but challenges like this are the best because that's when you grow the most. (and the YSA meets in the Spanish Branch building so I'll see a lot of my old members! In the words of my people,"that's whats up")
It's going to be hard to leave this area! So much stuff going on, but it will all work out. Me and Elder Gundersen found 3 members that weren't on the records this week! The stories associated with finding them would take too long but I will tell you that they were complete miracles directed by Heavenly Father. One of these inactive members name is T. He is a super cool guy that was baptized when he was a kid and now he doesn't remember much. He asks awesome questions though and really wants to understand. We taught him this week and we were talking about the Book of Mormon. For some reason I had the impression to ask him where does his ancestory come from. (T. looks African American, just slightly lighter skin). I asked him and he said that he is mostly Native American. It was way cool because then the Book of Mormon took on a lot more of significance for him! The Lord works in mysterious ways.
Last night we went to R.'s house to talk to him about the priesthood some more. He received the Aaronic Priesthood yesterday! He is such an awesome kid. Anyways, someone gave him a Preach My Gospel yesterday so we ended up going through that with him as well. He began to get excited about it and said he was going to study it so that he could be "on point" at Priests Quorum. He then said that in two years he wanted to serve a mission! Me and Elder Gundersen were so excited and R. called out Elder Gundersen cause he looked like he was going to cry, hahah. The Gospel changes lives in ways I can't even comprehend.
Well I'm not too excited to pack today but I am excited to work hard and learn how to be a better missionary and leader. I know the Lord wants me in the Baltimore YSA. I love you all and I hope you all are healthy and safe this week.
-Elder Greene
PS. I should be sending a package today. The return address won't be correct though (cause I'm moving). I'll try and let you know my address soon, it's not too far.

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