Monday, March 4, 2013

Theme Songs

Hey Greene Family!

So good to hear from you all! I am sad to hear that Macey got sick, hopefully she gets better soon. I wanted to say Happy Birthday (early) to Mom and Jared this week! I think I'm going to send a package home with clothes I really don't need and I will put some gifts in there too, but I might have to send it next Monday so be patient (using mom's letter against her). Actually we ate some Chinese food today and Elder Gundersen's fortune said "Genius is eternal patience". I'm not sure what that means but hey it goes with the patience theme. That's so sweet that Jesse Aubrey is coming to the best and most obedient mission in the world! PS. There is an Elder here named Elder Jeremy Gratil that went to Mesquite and we also found a guy named Craig Reeder that is also from the same area, anyone know em?

So I explained the week before last week as a long week with struggles and a peak on Sunday. This past week has been a lot like the awesome drop, after the hard push to the top. We had so many awesome miracles and me and Elder Gundersen were just so excited this whole week. We taught R.'s family this week while on exchanges. I was with the above mentioned Elder Gratil and we were also with Brother Perrin who speaks French. Because R.'s parents don't speak a ton of English, we had some awesome translation going on. I taught the Restoration very basically and Brother Perrin translated. As I recited the First Vision I could tell the parents could feel the Spirit, even though they couldn't understand me. I could understand bits and pieces of the French though, which was cool. R. loved that lesson and he was kinda freaking out cause he wanted to know how we knew to bring a translator and teach the first lesson. He kept saying things like, "Elder Greene, the Spirit told you to teach this lesson huh?? Oh man that be crazy yo!" R. just got confirmed yesterday as well! We'll be working with their family more, the parents will need a lot of help.

So the first week or so of my transfer here we taught a guy named D. He is the Godson of a less active. He was super chill and really took things serious when we taught them. We probably taught him like 3 times before we handed him off to the Baltimore YSA Elders because D. is 20 or so. Yesterday actually ended up being D.'s baptism. It was such a cool experience and me and Elder Gundersen got to go and watch. In his testimony he mentioned how before he had trouble remembering to pray and then he said that "Brother Greene told me to put a rock in my pillow to help me remember." Hahah, he is such a stud and will be a great example to his family.

Quick Laugh for ya: We saw the R. family this week and they were all sick so T. (the father) wanted blessings for his whole family. We agreed and each of the 4 children got a blessing of health as well as his wife. Then it was T.'s turn. He had been playing on his phone between blessings and as soon as his wife was done he looks up and presses a button on his phone. Some intense techo beats start coming out of his phone full blast and he stands up off the couch and he raises his arms life he just won something. He simply says,"my theme song" and walks to the seat where we were doing the blessings. Me and my companion wanted to rebuke him but several days later I'll admit it was hilarious.

The P.'s are doing well (despite a crazy incident with a member that I'll tell you about one day), they have set a baptismal date for the 23rd of March! Me and Elder Gundersen pray pretty much everyday for another transfer together here because things are going so well. (Transfers are next week!!!) We both agree that we have never been more happy to be missionaries and we know part of the reason we are seeing such huge miracles is because of our ability to work together. I know that this Gospel is true and that if we simply abide by the teachings of Jesus Christ, we can have peace and joy in this life and the life to come.

I love you all so much, I'll send you a package next week!

-Elder Greene

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