Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Missionaries Can't Be Confounded!

Hey guys!

Sorry this letter is coming a day late but with only a local library and no car, what can you do? Sorry you had a hard time with the doctor business. Sister Gibbons was calling me too and eventually she said she was going to ask President Richards if I could call you, hahah. Didn't happen, but I guess we're all worked out. Yeah the pictures came! Sorry. Jared's hair is crazy!

September rolled right around yeah? Crazy. Seems like President Richards is getting the hang of things cause he is setting all new goals for the mission and really pushing the mission forward. One thing he wants is for us to do 4-5 hours of service a week. In some areas that would be hard, in ours, it's a regular occurrence! Though we aren't teaching as much when we're serving, good things always come
out of it. This week we got a call in the middle of study from a woman in our branch. She needed translation (this is REALLY common, we help little kids with homework, translate mail, meetings, you name it)  Anyways we rode bikes to her house. I rode Elder Rose's old bike that he left in the house. Turns out it has half broken pedals, broken brakes and a clicking chain. (If I can't fix it I'll buy a bike eventually) So it was a hard bike ride. Just when we finish, another woman calls for translation on the other side of town. SO we ride up there and translate. Between the two visits we missed our window to go
to another area we had planned on tracting. So we were a little bummed we had to stay more local for the afternoon. But we put the bikes away and hit the streets. Almost immediately we found a man named Sergio. He invited us right in. He just moved in and we taught him the Restoration. He seemed to really like it and invited us over for dinner the next day (we couldn't go sadly). But It just made me think of how the God really does all the work in missionary work. All that led up to finding Sergio was a bunch of crazy events! I just can't believe how it all works sometimes!

This week was tough in some aspects. We taught a Dominican man named Angel, he seemed way cool the week before when we planned the appointment... but we we're pretty wrong when we got there. He ranted and raved for a solid 45 minutes about how he believes in the Bible and we need to put away the Book of Mormon. Then the day after we
found a woman who invited us right in, real kind like. She had just lost her mother so we were getting all ready to teach the Plan of Salvation. But then she tells us she already prayed about the Book of Mormon and the Virgin Mary came to her in a dream and told her we were wrong. Then her minister came in and told us we prayed to Joseph Smith. All in all it was a hard to sit through those lessons. But it really strengthened my testimony after. Because these people were exactly like bad guys in the Book of Mormon, they were trying to lay
traps with their words and trip us up and everything! But the Lord guided us in those lessons. Angel agreed to read the Book of Mormon and though the other woman didn't respond to our short teaching, me and Elder Martinez both had the strong feeling that she hadn't ever read the Book of Mormon. So even though missionary work is hard sometimes, it doesn't matter cause missionaries can't be confounded!

Thanks for the letter and I'm glad everyone is enjoying school and volleyball! Have a good week!

-Elder Greene

Sorry I don't have pictures, I used to use Elder Rose's card reader.
I'll have to find one the next time I'm at Walmart...

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