Monday, September 10, 2012

Right Place, Right Time


It's always weird when you teleport into the future and all of a sudden you're 4 months into your mission. But hey take advantage of every minute yeah? Baltimore is finally starting to cool down and it feels amazing! I'm ready for some Fall (maybe not Winter, but we'll see). Mom your thing about Taft and the peanut butter is crazy! Ever since college I've lived on peanut butter. Spanish is coming along just fine Dad, I can understand most of what's being said, now it's more a matter of making sure my own Spanish keeps improving. One struggle I've found out here is that we talk to hispanos from all over, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras, Argentina, Domincan Republic, Puerto Rico, mostly. So what happens is that some people have different vocab for different words. But no worries, hola is always hola.
This past Saturday me and Elder Martinez went to a buffet with the Familia Vasquez. Actually they had to back out because things came up but it was paid for by them. (ask me about them someday, I have some good stories). Anyways, me and Elder Martinez decided to be Chanchos and eat as much as we possibly could. Wasn't the best idea I've ever had but I ended up eating 6 plates of food and Elder Martinez ate 5. I was full (understatement) for the whole day. It was pretty fun despite the stomach pains later in the day, hahah.
We found a lot of new people to teach this week! One person we found this week is named Grizel. We talked to her in the street one day and she seemed real nice so we got her info and set an appointment. Yesterday we knocked her door and a drunk dude answered the door. Grizel came and let us in, we went to the back of their little apartment because there was a lot of drunk people playing cards in the front part of the house. We started to teach despite the irreverant atmosphere. Eventually a fight broke out in the card game and a woman started attacking another man. It was pretty crazy! But things got back under control (as controlled as a dozen angry drunk people can get) and we kept teaching. As we shared the Restoration and the first vision this woman felt the Spirit. She even became a little emotional. I was amazed at how the powerful the Spirit is and how he can touch hearts of people, even in the places we don't expect.
Alright so this week we were part of a miracle that was a little different in terms of what we expect with missionary work. We had just taught a couple people in an area kinda farther away. We got back to the bus stop to head home and all of a sudden I had to go to the bathroom real bad. So we walked up into this pitch black park at 7:30 at night to find some restrooms (trees). We started walking back and all of a sudden we saw a man laying in the grass. We almost stepped on him, it was that dark. Finding people passed out in the grass isn't all that irregular, there are a bunch of drunk people in Baltimore. But upon further inspection we found he was bloody and his pockets were turned inside out. Now we were questioning if he was dead. All of a sudden he moved and we started talking to him in English. But... turns out he's Spanish! So me and Elder Martinez start talking to him and he tries to stand but basically collapses. So I called 911 and we had a police officer come. He didn't speak Spanish so we translated everything for him. Ulysses (the Spanish man) was walking through the park when 7 black kids beat him with bottles and knives. They took his wallet, his phone, and his shoes. The ambulance came and they didn't speak Spanish either so we translated for them. Ulysses tried to go home but the medics said no. Moral of the story, God is going to use you in various manners, saving spiritual lives and maybe even temporal lives! Don't worry, we have his address, he'll be baptized before you know it.

Thanks for all the support! I love you guys!

-Elder Greene

PS yeah the diabetes is fine. It's never been this hard to manage but I'm doing good don't worry!

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