Monday, August 6, 2012

Mourn With Those That Mourn

Hey guys!
Sorry this letter is couple hours late! Today we played volleyball with a bunch of Elders in our zone! It was so good to play again. Sounds like volleyball is rollin' right along for you guys as well! The stories about Oliver are classic and thanks for the quote mom, it was great!
So because my companion is the District Leader, I go on exchanges once a week with an Elder in our district. This week I went with Elder Foell. He's a funny Elder from Sacramento. Anyways, I was in his area (Towson) and let me tell you, it made me appreciate my area a whole lot more! We had a car for one, which makes it so you can't talk to anyone! And we had to knock doors all day just to contact a couple people! But in the end we had some sweet lessons. One's name is Noe, he invited us right in (his brother is already being taught by these missionaries) and he said that he wanted to quit drinking. So it was a cool experience to share the Gospel with him and how Faith and Repentence could help him through this addiction. Even though we had some awesome lessons, I was glad to be back in my area where everyone sits on their doorstep and you can contact whoever you want on the bus!
Right now we're working with a Catholic woman named Rina. She was a referral from a returned missionary from Vivint, hahah. At first she wanted nothing to do with us (as far as religion goes) but she did want help with her kids. One is deaf (Eduardo) and the other isn't (Marcos), but he is the only one in the house that speaks sign language. And they can't stand each other right now. It's almost impossible to comprehend. Imagine if you were deaf and the only person that understands you is your brother who you fight with all the time. Not just play fighting either, last week they fought and one had to go to the hospital for stitches. It's very hard on Rina (imagine not being able to talk to your own son). But we have the English missionaries teaching her kids right now. Me and Elder Rose are teaching Rina. Rina says that if we can help her sons that she will "become a Mormon"!
We had an awesome miracle this week too. Last week we taught a man named Regorio, he's an old dude from El Salvador. He liked the Restoration but I don't think he was that into it. Well on Saturday Elder Rose decided we should go visit him. It was a weird decision considering we weren't that close to his house and he wasn't even on our list of people to see that night. But we went. When we arrived his wife invited us right in (whom we've never met before). Come to find out that the older brother of Regorio had just died the night before. It was a great experience to teach a little about the plan of salvation and to just "mourn with those who mourn." I am amazed by how much Heavenly Father guides missionaries.
I made a cool friend on the bus this week! His name is Alexis, he is from the only area of Mexico that I have ever been! We hit it right off. He has 6 kids and a wife all in Mexico and he is here in Baltimore working. He doesn't like that I'm from Arizona though (most Espanos don't) but it was cool to just be having a normal conversation in Spanish on a bus traveling through the streets of East Baltimore! I love being a missionary!
Well that's all for today, thanks so much for the letters and prayers. I'll be praying for Connor, and Trevor too, since he's coming up on his last transfer! We have Mormon Night this Friday at the Orioles game so if it's on TV look for me, haha. Love you guys!
-Elder Greene

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