Monday, July 30, 2012

Never Miss A Day

Familia Verde!

Can't believe another week has come and gone! Things really do move so fast here. I can't believe school starts next week! Thanks for all the letters, Macey sounds 2 years older already. Dad thanks for the things you shared, I know I don't always give a lot of feedback but I want you all to know I read and think about your letters! It's funny how you mentioned the Olympics, Dad, cause we were just at lunch and they had Olympic volleyball on TV. I haven't ever been tempted by TV until today. Satan found my weakness, hahah. Also to answer some other questions, the other Elders in our apartment are Spanish, they are West Baltimore, our apartment is just in the center-ish. Also yeah we just E-mail in a library, then we go do grocery shopping. I think grocery shopping is one of my favorite parts of P-day, hahah.

So this week was a lot of hard work (as always!) Last Tuesday I went on exchanges with a Zone Leader. He's English so it was pretty different, we had a car, we talked to a bunch of cool black people, and I could say whatever I wanted cause I speak English real good! We taught one guy who is an MMA fighter. He has a baptismal date and he's way cool. Then we taught an 80 year old minister, explaining the first vision to him was almost impossible. But at the end of the day, Elder Holmes (the zone leader) told me that he hasn't seen any new missionaries talk as much as I do. I told him that when you can speak their language you better take advantage of it, hahah. That day was hard though because my pump was broken or something and so I was high (blood sugar) all day. So hopefully that doesn't skew anything for the A1C, which I'm not too excited for.

I also got to go on splits one night with our branch mission leader because we had too many appointments. His name is Felix and he's pretty much the coolest guy ever. He just got back from his mission like a year and a half ago and he's only been a member for like 4 years max. He has ten brothers and sisters, none of which are members. But he is just a happy guy that knows how to do missionary work. We taught a lesson and after we left, our other lesson fell through, so we we're walking to a back up when we saw his next door neighbor, Toribio, in the street. He had a watermelon and he was dancing. We talked to him and asked if we could walk to his house and share a message. We did. First we asked if we could start with a prayer. He said of course, jumped up and went to his knees and started praying for us! Then we started a restoration lesson, halfway through he asked if he could sing a song for us and without further adieu he started belting a song about not having fears. He's pretty much the funniest guy ever. So we're working with him now!

This week I decided that I think my favorite part of the day is when I get to do personal study. I just can't get enough and after an hour I feel I've barely had any time to study. There is so much we can learn from the scriptures if we just study them. So my challenge to you (family and whoever else is reading this) is to make sure you are reading your scriptures EVERY DAY. Never miss a day. If you have to read a verse before you crash that's fine, but try and study the scriptures every day. I'm so grateful to have had seminary and church leaders who encouraged me to do this before my mission and I have learned to love it even more on my mission.

I love you all and I know the Lord is blessing my family when I am here. I pray for you everyday.

-Elder Greene

P.S. I may need to buy a bike eventually, is there enough money on my card? 

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