Monday, July 23, 2012

Getting Kind of Homey

Well sounds like everyone's partying in Tahoe! I'm a little jealous but I'll be ok, hahah. Thanks so much for the package, the blanket is awesome. And food is always welcome in a missionary's life. Especially since we walk so much that my insulin ratios are at an all time low! (60-70% of what I usually do, pretty soon I won't be diabetic!) Me and Elder Knudsen (an Elder who lives in our apartment, he plays volleyball) are real excited about the volleyball. That's so crazy that Jeff (Chapman) is leaving that soon! He'll be a Catracho! That's what Hondurans call themselves, I've met a lot of them. Is he San Pedro Sula? Or Te Guzi Galpa? Also thanks for the hymn Mom, I do love that hymn, my district sang it in the MTC as a special musical number.
Well this week was super sweet! We've been working really hard to find new investigators and to really get things going here in East Baltimore. We met one woman named Rosa Chavez. We contacted her in the streets and she asked us why there are so many churches and which one is the true one? Yeah it was pretty sweet, haha. So we set an appointment and talked to her on Saturday. She had read the whole Restoration pamphlet and highlighted things she had questions on. She still has doubts but me and Elder Rose have a lot of hope that she will be able to overcome those.
The weather here is a little crazy, some days it's hot and other days it pours rain. Rain that I've never experienced at least. The thunder is also crazy. But we had a couple good days of tracting and teaching in the rain this week, which made me feel like a true missionary hahah.
Spanish is coming along, it can be frustrating sometimes because you just want to be fluent all ready but I know I just got to be patient with myself. I have had some pretty cool experiences with Spanish already! Like by Tuesday of this past week I had already done an anointing and a blessing in Spanish! (I'm sure it didn't make sense but hey, it's the thought that counts). I also got to bear my testimony to our little branch yesterday!
The Pedro's Tacos shirt is so sweet! Though I do miss my little California burrito, I get fed a lot of food here. My favorite so far are called Pupusas, they are like Indian Fry bread with pork and beans inside, then you put lettuce and hot sauce on top. It's actually kinda sick how much we eat, I want to throw up a lot of times but you can't cause you have to spiritually uplift a family not give them something nasty to clean. Also I've had to return to soda because they offer it to you all the time here. Elder Rose says if you're not putting on weight you're not a good missionary and I"m starting to think he's right.
This week I've really begun to realize how short a mission is. Elder Trevor Ward gets back in two and half months! And every week is starting to get faster and faster here. I used to always think that two years is a long time but I've talked to many Spanish people who haven't seen there families for much longer than that. One woman, Catalina, hasn't seen her extended family, including her parents for 14 years since moving to the States. I thought how hard that must be and I am so glad and so blessed to live here in the US and to have such an awesome family. I love you guys (including all the extended family!) and I'm so grateful to be a missionary. I think that East Baltimore is actually getting kinda homey!
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Reminiscing about Zach's bunkbed boxspring (?)

Downtown Baltimore

Rainy Day Baltimore

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