Monday, April 7, 2014

Terrible Joke, President!

Oh hey!

Thank you for the letters and conference quotes! I loved General Conference so much. By the end of the Priesthood Session I was just shaking with excitement and energy. I learned so much and I set some goals to become better from the counsel given. Some of my favorite talks were Elder Nelson's, Elder Oak's, and Elder Ridd's. But of course they're all amazing.

Sorry the nice tile is too expensive mom. Maybe you could get some dark green shag carpet?

So on Tuesday, President messaged out to the mission,"We will have a special meeting on April 11th to pick up your iPads!" For 3 minutes everyone in the apartment was going nuts. Then I stopped and said, oh no, it's April Fools day. I texted President,"If this is some kind of cruel April Fools joke I will need to see Kyle Oswald." (He's the guy who helps with depressed missionaries) He texted back,"Well then I will send you his number so you can schedule an appointment." Terrible joke President.

Well this week was a blur of exchanges and long car rides. Elder Despain and I left on Monday night after some office work. We drove for 3 and a half hours to get to Petersburg, WV, the most western area of the mission.

To put it frankly, Petersburg is redneck. I was meeting people with names such as Peanut or Buckshot quite frequently. It was a blast. My favorite part was eating dinner with a recent convert and her recently reactivated husband. They started dinner off by playing us a little song on their fiddle and harmonica. Then we ate bread, potatoes, and shiner (water) for dinner. We taught a short lesson and then we went outside and raked leaves. All of this took place in a little house in the middle of a West Virginian forest. Kinda different from Ellicott City, hahah.

From Petersburg we went to Winchester. I went with the Spanish Elders and we had a great time. It was weird going back to my old apartment. Your Christmas tree and mini ping pong table are still in the closet, hahah. We saw a lot of members that are close friends, including Hermana "G" and a guy I knew named "R". One of the coolest parts of the exchange was visiting "E". I had been teaching her a little over a year ago and we went and talked to her on her doorstep. We couldn't go inside because her husband wasn't home, but it was a great beginning to have the Elders start to teach her again. 

On Sunday morning we drove back to Columbia and ate brunch with the Richards. We then watched the morning session of conference. President told us to split up in Columbia for the night (which usually we don't do team-ups on Sunday nights). So I went out with the Columbia Spanish Elders. At like 7, we were walking and I saw a less active that I recognized. I called out his name and we started talking to him. He hasn't been seen in like 6 months because he moved but we didn't know where he moved. So we got his address and the Elders are going back there this week! I love how God puts us in the right path at the right time.

Well, I'm excited for another week of adventure. I'm just loving life out here in the MBM. Love ya!

Elder Greene

PS Got the pods, thanks!

PPS I think I'm just going to stop sending picture so that you'll have more to look at when I get home. Hahah

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