Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Greene Family!
Such a great weekend. I hope you all enjoyed your Easter as well. I got to color some eggs this week with a part member less active family and it was a blast. We shared "Because of Him" with them (as well as 10 other families) and the Spirit was awesome. We also got to go to a choir event called "An Easter Cantata" and it was awesome as well. More on that later.
So this week I was in Martinsburg, West Virginia. I have never served in that zone but I feel like I've been on enough exchanges up there to be a true red neck. We tried by a former investigator, "E", this week and when we knocked on the door a small old man came to the door. He invited us right in and at first seemed just like your average old West Virginian man. But after a couple minutes he goes into how all the animals are being mistreated and how they need help. Then he explained how we need to invite the Pope to come to America and "bless all the animals, and the humans." So we decided to invite him to the Easter Celebration and head out. Turns out that in one of the last lessons that the previous elders had taught him he brought up how we need to kill all the vampires and then chop of Satan's head. Good idea "E".
Earlier this week we went to visit a part member family. The father served a mission but hasn't been back to church really since his mission. The mother and the 14 year old son aren't members. Well we were visiting with the father and son and all of a sudden we were talking about the son's spiritual life. We started talking about what he believed as far as religion and God. The Spirit was super strong and I could tell that the whole conversation was guided by Him. The biggest miracle was when the father even said that he would support his son in taking the discussions! It was really amazing and the son even came to church with his grandpa this past Sunday!
We went to visit a less active family this week and the husband was laying on his stomach on the couch, and he couldn't move. He had just figured out that he had compacted discs in his spine and that his pelvis is off center, so the doctors are trying to rotate it slowly, but it's really painful. So he said we could give him a blessing. We did and talked to them about some neighbors that they invited to go to the Easter Cantata. Well we left and that night we went to the Easter Cantata. Just before it starts this brother walks in slowly with his walker! He said he felt better. It was a really cool experience with the power of the priesthood.
I am loving every week of my mission! This week I will be in Winchester and Frederick with some English speaking elders, so should be pretty fun! Sorry for the shorter letter but hey, like mom said, you already got like a 100 of these things. Hahah
Have a great week!
Elder Greene
PS I met Ty Olsen's uncle in Martinsburg this week. He's the Elders Quorom President and his name is Brother Selman. Funny stuff.

My Eggs (Coincidentally, Macey made an egg exactly like his Spiderman egg)

Our Aprons: Me, Elder Allsop and Elder Peacock (awesome missionaries)


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