Monday, April 14, 2014

I'm A Real Missionary!

Well hello again,

I start off with a shout out to Connor, Oh hey. Anyways, can't believe how fast this past week went. Kinda made me have a mini panic attack. I think a lot about the quote from Ferris Bueler that Dad used in his testimony. "Life moves pretty fast, if you don't stop and look around every once in a while, you might miss it." So I've been trying to "look around" a lot. I have been having a blast.

This week I was in Annapolis and then with Frederick Spanish. Most of my letter will be comprised of my visit in Annapolis.

Funny stories to start, so we are doing service for a family, just raking and doing yard work. Well a woman from the ward drives up and sees us working. She doesn't recognize me and she asks if I'm in their ward now. I said, no I'm just visiting. She then asks, oh well what ward are you in then? I reply that I don't have an assigned ward, but that I live in Savage Mill. Her facial expression changes and she says, Oh! That's great! There is a boy in our ward who has some special challenges, he should really look into doing something like that! (I'm trying not to smile) I say, yeah that would be great! Then Elder Park (one of the missionaries I was with) says, Oh he's a real missionary Sister so-and-so! She hastily replies, Oh I know! Of course he is! After she went inside we all busted up laughing.

Same day we are walking into a neighborhood on a sketchier side of town. Well several weeks previously the Elders were pulled over in this neighborhood because the cop thought that they were either buying, selling, or trafficking drugs. (I guess when you walk in and out of apartment buildings you look real suspicious) Well we we're in this neighborhood for 15-20 minutes and when we turn back to go out and walk to our car, there is a cop car at the end of the street. Elder Park wasn't looking forward to passing this cop because it was the same one who had given him a pat-down the week before. Well we walked by and the cop stopped us. He asked us some questions about who we were visiting and then asked the same questions a different way to see if we would mess up. Well he finally said, so you two are the real deal then huh? And let us go. So not only was I confused for being special needs, but also a drug dealer. Oh the life of a missionary!

We visited a less active woman on the records the night before. She came to the door some what friendly, but I wouldn't say overjoyed to see the missionaries. Instead of trying to slam her with the Gospel we just talked to her and then asked if we could help do her yard work. She looked at us differently and said she would love that. She then began to cry. Through some tears she explained that just a couple hours previously she had been calling different places to get an estimate to do her yard work. All of them had said over a $1000, which wasn't in her budget. She told us she knew that God had sent us. It was really cool. Plus we only charged her $600, so we totally gave her a steal. (Just kidding)

I finished the week with Elder Green and Elder Hitchcock. It was a good time. Going to church with them was great and I got to see all the members that I loved.

Well this week I will be in Martinsburg West Virginia. Should be a nice little drive tonight, hahah. Praying for me to drive safely is always appreciated!

I love you all, good luck with school, work, and whatever else you have got going on!

Elder Greene

PS So I thought you weren't going to sell the house, but now you are? Not a big deal to me, just curious. Also, I'm pumped we're going to Canada! That's going to be way sweet. You are right, it doesn't matter where you go as long as we're together. And as long as Canada is warm this time of year, hahah just messing. Oh and we can save a bunch of money if Jared just uses all my mission stuff! He can use my shoes, shirts, garments, etc. hahah, joking.

Actually that reminds me, do you care if I trash my sheets (not the home-made blanket) and my dirty shirts before I leave? I assume not but let me know.

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