Monday, March 3, 2014

ROUS's and Hip Hop Chicken

Que honda Familia Verde?
Welp I almost wasn't going to be able to write you because there was a big snow storm last night/this morning, plus my companion is sick like a dog. But I'm here! I'll try and write a good letter in the short time I have. Thank you for the thought mom, I really liked it. It was awesome to hear you recount what happened at the Celebration/Dedication! I actually had my recommend renewed this week by President Richards, we may be going to the temple this Saturday.
First off, happy birthday Mom and Jared! Due to lack of time, I'll focus more on your birthdays next week. But I'll be thinking about ya!
This week I started in Columbia with some English Zone leaders and then got to go back to Baltimore and stomp around the streets of West Baltimore. I had a great time. It was pretty weird to be back there again. I even got to see Felix for a half hour. During the teamup I told the Elders I had a goal to see a big Baltimore rat again. We looked down alleys as we crossed streets and finally I saw one on the last night I was with them, hahah. They are like ROUS's in Princess Bride. On the way out of Baltimore Elder Despain and I wanted to grab something to eat. We decided on Hip Hop Chicken, the greatest of all fried chicken places. Well we parked a little ways off and got our food. When we came back we had a tow truck about to pull away with our car. Well we had to pay him $165 in cash to drop us (better than $330 if he had taken us to the pound). I think in another time I would have been frustrated with it but I really just wasn't too affected by it. Yeah I lost $80, but in the big scheme of things it's really not something to fuss over. Elder Despain and I joked that each chicken tender was worth about $10 hahah.
On Saturday we had a Spanish Zone Conference. Essentially every Spanish missionary, plus several stake leaders and President was there. For three hours I got to lead a discussion on the things going well/not well in the Spanish Branchs. It was a great meeting and it was really cool to see all the spanish missionaries in one place. I feel like they are all my brothers! I talked to the Charlestown Elders and they said "A" is progressing a ton, which was really cool to hear. Also, Hermana Tinti, a new Hermana in Columbia, told me they went to the "C's" and Hermano "C" said he is ready to be baptized! So hopefully he will have a date this week!
After the meeting we go to get lunch and as we are getting back into our car with the Annapolis Spanish Elders, a man says,"Hey you boys have dessert yet?" I looked up and saw a bigger guy with a mustache and his small son. I responded,"No we haven't" and he took a box of Girl Scout Somoa cookies and tossed them to me. We thanked him and I asked him what his name was and he responded,"Mike Ditka, football coach." And he got in his car. We died laughing as we got in our car, hahah. Sadly, I don't think it was actually Mike Ditka, but he sure did look a lot like him!
So my last teamup was with those two Spanish Elders in Annapolis. We had a really cool experience where we really were running out of plans and so we tried one more house. A man answered the door and told us that the person we were looking for didn't live there anymore. As he was closing his door I asked him if I could use his bathroom (I really didn't have to go that bad but hey, you gotta get in somehow). He said sure and we all walked in. Well in between me and the two other Elders using their one bathroom one by one, we had a good little discussion going! We talked for 10 more minutes and by the end of it they were really interested in hearing more and have an appointment this week with the Elders! It was a really cool tender mercy.
Well all is well! Tomorrow we are moving and Wednesday we are instructing at a new trainee/trainer meeting. After that, who knows? Hahah. I love you all and I hope you have a great week!
Elder Greene

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