Monday, March 10, 2014

Pro Mover


I think I'm just going to start emailing every other week because I feel like I email you all everyday. Hahah, just kidding, mom would kill me. Anyways, sounds like you all are really having some rough times! Disneyland, Hawaii (note: just Macey not the rest of us), ski trips, volleyball matches, and birthdays! I had a good week too! 

I started my week with the big move! Considering this is the third apartment I've had to pack, move and clean, I'm getting pretty pro at it. Despite my talent, I really don't like moving until it's over. Then it feels great. Anyways, we spent all of Monday and Tuesday doing the move. I do like the new apartment a lot, however, I only sleep there 1-2 nights a week. Hahah. The address is 7511 Weather Worn st Columbia, MD 21048 But maybe double check the zip code.

On Wednesday we did a meeting with all the new missionaries and their trainers. It went really well and afterwards I got to go with the Spanish Elders in Frederick. And they just happen to be some of my greatest friends in the mission! Elder Green and Elder Hitchcock! It was a delightful reunion, we had a lot of laughs. Ex: I found one of those little poppers that you pull the string and they pop and shoot out streamers in the back seat. So while we were parked, I said, "Does that guy behind us have a gun??" and shot off the popper. They both freaked out hahaha. I guess they were both scarred from serving in Baltimore.

One of the first people we went to visit was Hermano "A"! He is now attending church regularly and wants to go back to the temple! We had a great lesson with him. He still fights with a lot of the same struggles he used to have, but I can tell he's made a lot of progress since I last saw him. Later that night we went on splits with branch members. I got to go with R. F., who was one of my best friends from Frederick. We went and tried to see the people we were assigned to see but no luck. So he brought me to one of his friends and we set an appointment in the door and then I told him, let's go visit Brother "C". Well Brother "C" was busy but really excited to see me and Brother "F" so we sat for 5-10 minutes and he agreed to having the Elders come by again! Some good tender mercies that night. We ended up eating dinner with the "F's" later that week because Hermano "F" wouldn't let me leave until we had all eaten some carne asada together again. Hahah

Perhaps one of the most exciting parts of the week was going to temple on Saturday! I had missed going, the Spirit there is amazing. And the newest video was amazing! 

After the temple we went to Brooklyn Park in South Baltimore for our last exchange. We ended up getting there right in time for a wedding of a recently activated member. It was hilarious. Everyone there was from the Philippines. I kept hearing phrases that I could understand because of Spanish. Kinda crazy. But the food was amazing, they even brought a 57 lb pig for us all to eat. Elder Latu, my favorite Elder who is straight out of Tonga, ate more than I thought humanly was possible. It was fun and afterwards I got to go teach people in the hood so you couldn't ask for a better day.

I got word this morning that the "R" family in Columbia 3rd branch is doing great and that "S" will most likely be baptized the end of the month or beginning of next! So awesome to hear about. Hopefully I will be attending a couple baptisms these next couple months!

I love you all! Stay safe in your various fun activities!

Elder Greene

Mom I hope you had an amazing birthday. I can't believe you are 29 already. Hahah. But seriously, I'm so grateful for an awesome mom who showed me how to live the Gospel. I have worked with several missionaries these past couple weeks who really don't have a mom who supports them. Thank you for all you have sacrificed for me, I love you!

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