Monday, March 17, 2014

3 Kingdoms and Smart Kids

Hola (or should I say Aloha for Macey?)

Thanks a bunch for the letters. I'm glad everyone made it back from their various vacation spots. Funny to compare Macey relaxing on the beach while the boys are all skiing in Utah. Hahah. Speaking of snow, Maryland seems to think it's still Winter. Either that or it's trying to decide, because one day this week was 75 and two days later it was 19. 

This week was different. Well I guess every week is different when you don't actually have an assigned area. Elder Despain and I started in Cumberland and Lavale this week. Which means last Monday I drove 140 miles across the mission. It was a fun little road trip. While there we had an awesome exchange with two sets of missionaries. I really did have a miracle with these missionaries but I kinda feel like the details are a little personal so maybe I'll have to tell you all in person one day.

When I was with them we went to visit a less active family. We were going to teach the 8 and 6 year old daughters, specifically. It was going pretty well until we got to the 3 kingdoms part. We explained that we all wanted to go live with Heavenly Father in the "Sun Kingdom" or the Celestial Kingdom. The 6 year old daughter gets a confused look and says, "Why would we want to live there? We'll all burn! There's not even any water there!" Hahaha. It was fun trying to explain how it's not a literal sun... Then we explain how the Moon Kingdom is the Terrestrial Kingdom and the Star Kingdom is the Telestial Kingdom. Now the 8 year old daughter looks confused. She says, but the moon isn't as bright as the stars, shouldn't it be worse than the stars? Her mom explained that the moon is definitely more bright than the stars. But the daughter said,"No, the moon doesn't even have any light, it just reflects the suns light!" Hahah, crazy how smart kids can be these days.

During the last part of the week I went with Elder Dutson and his companion, while Elder Despain went with english Elders in Martinsburg who live with Elder Dutson. Well after about an hour of being separated from Elder Despain he calls me and says that he just threw up a ton and I need to come babysit him. So pretty much all of Saturday and most of Sunday I spent in the apartment going almost insane. Somehow I've never had to stay in on my mission for sickness and let me tell you, I'm grateful. I was bored out of my mind. I couldn't even  make phone calls because I don't have an area. But in the end, Elder Despain healed up and we got to go out Sunday night.

This week will be interesting. The next two days we will be in the office a lot with President working on Transfers. Kind of exciting though! I'm pretty positive I will be staying in my current position this last transfer coming up, just in case you were wondering.

Well I hope you all are ready to go back to school and work, hahah. Have a great week, I love you!

Elder Greene

PS Mom is there a way you can send me just 10 pods? I'm going to be like 2 pods short when I leave but I don't to get like 50 and have to transport them all... Let me know.

PPS Hawaii huh? Hmm I'll see if I can fit you in my schedule but I'll let you know. Hahahah

PPPS Any word on if you're moving before or after May 8th? Just curious.

Mire Este Chancho (roughly translated? "look at this pig"

Just south of Lavale is the smelliest paper plant, had to take a picture!

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