Monday, August 5, 2013

Huffy Walmart Bike

Como estais vosotros? Hahah

Thanks for the letters! I am so grateful for such an awesome and supporting family. I loved the story of Dad and Jared giving their testimonies. It's hard to believe that Jared goes off to college so soon, then again, I feel like I went off to BYU a couple months ago, not two years ago. I'm jealous Jared gets to hang out with the missionaries! I really wish I would have gone out with the missionaries before my mission! Anyways, Dad, I listened to a talk I haven't listened to in a long time and I think you would like it. It's called "the missionary next door", her voice is annoying but it really is a good talk. Let me know if you can't find it and I can send it to you.

Well this week was awesome for the Three Amigos! (it's become a nickname in our branch). On Tuesday we drove thirty miles to go to the northern part of our zone, Hampstead. I brought my bike because the Elders told me they didn't have many miles... So my $75 Huffy Walmart bike got it's first ride since I bought it. And boy that was the hardest exercise I've gotten in months. During the process of one day we had to fix my handlebars, brakes (they work now, but still sound like a pterodactyl when you use them), pedals, seat, and tire. Thankfully I only use this thing once a year! Hahah

So remember Hno "C"? Well I left my Book of Mormon in his car on accident. On Sunday he came to church and at testimony meeting told us about how he had a car accident that totaled his car and should have killed him (he was fine, actually was protected everywhere his garments were!) Besides my concern for him, I was pretty nervous that my Libro de Mormon that I've used my whole mission was in a crumpled car somewhere. But he told me that when he went back to get his phone and things out of the car he saw them (they're in a case) and although he didn't know what they were he felt like he should take them! I was extremely grateful!

So my old companion, Elder Foell, is a traveling assistant. On Thursday he texted us saying he's coming with us from Thursday night to Sunday night! I was pumped! So we split up with his car and our car the first night, he went with other Elder Green. The next day he came with me and we had a good time. We talked about the mission and it's crazy how much growth we have going on. More than half the missionaries in our mission have been out since February or sooner. We will receive 35 more at the end of this month, not counting visa waiters. Me and Elder Foell agreed that the only way this operation works is because an omniscient God is directing it! Sadly he had to leave after about 24 hours in our area because of a medical emergency with another missionary, but it was a good time.

So about two months ago a part member family moved to our branch, the "C" family. The Sisters were teaching him (the husband isn't a member) but they don't speak a ton of Spanish. So we were sent over there by their fellowshipper and we hit it off with him and his wife. They have cooked us two meals in the past week! On Sunday, Hna "C" volunteered to share a miracle in Relief Society. She shared about us coming to her house and just being a friend to her husband and helping him. (We got some brownie points in Relief Society! hahah) It was a sweet miracle and he has actually been taught and knows a lot already. We hope he will be able to be baptized soon!

All in all it was a fun week! I was asked by the Sunday School President to be the Gospel Principles teacher from now on (without being technically called to do it). My class went pretty well, Hno "C" came and the four other missionaries haha.

Have a good week! Have fun at school Macey and Taggert!

Elder Greene

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